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T-Tapp Tuesday–Workout Wear

Before I go into today’s post, could I ask for prayer?   My husband’s step-mom, JoAnn, is very, very near Heaven right now.  We went to see her but I’m not sure if she was aware of us—she can’t respond.   We know where she is going and will have a joyous reunion someday, but it’s always hard letting go.  Please pray for her passing to be peaceful.


Thank you!





Ah, what to wear to work out!


I started out in my nightgown–that didn’t work out really well.  I kept getting caught up in it!


So I went to Goodwill and bought some pull on shorts and a tank top.  I worked out in my living room and pretty much banned the children–mainly because they liked to come ask me questions during balance moves and I didn’t want to fall on them! :p


After awhile I lost enough that those shorts were too loose, so I bought some stretchy shorts and nicer tank tops through Blair.  I don’t normally like to wear tank tops, but I would get nearly overheated in t-shirts.   I bought a very lightweight short sleeve shirt to wear over the tank for a little more coverage without making my temperature soar!


Then I found moisture wicking workout wear!  Ahhhh!   I bought some pants and one top from Lands End.  They don’t make the style of top I bought anymore, unfortunately.  It was a V-neck, but it didn’t fall away from your body, and it wasn’t terribly snug, yet it fit enough that at a clinic the trainer could see if I was curling my core or not.


I know some ladies have exercised in their skirts or loose fitting culottes, and that’s great!  But I will say, as a trainer-in-training, if you go to a clinic, have a private session or do a video review, it is important for trainers to be able to see your knees, that they are adequately bent, and that your core is curled (that your lower back is flattened as much as you can).  If your clothes are too loosely fitting, that can be hard to tell.  It’s the same for you watching yourself in a mirror.


For teaching, I bought a pair of looser fitting pants at Target (but they are not moisture-wicking–:(  )   and I wear my black T-Tapp t-shirt.  Although not moisture wicking, the t-shirt must be just the right thickness or fabric or something!


Target also has a pretty decent selection of tops, too (usually!).


Sometimes at Kohl’s they have some decent choices and often have sales or coupons that can help with the cost!


I have a friend who wore stretch pants and a t-shirt with a short jumper over it.  Not long enough to cause her to get hung up in it, but still covered pretty well.  The only thing is it was a bit harder for me to make sure she was curling her core.  I’ve told my friends that come to my classes, they can wear looser fitting workout clothing–as long as they don’t mind me touching them to make sure their form is okay!  LOL!


Some ladies like yoga pants, others just stretch pants.  Wal-Mart carries some Danskin workout wear, although you’re at the mercy of their stock as to style, color and sizes!  I do have a few shirts I bought there and they’re okay–not my favorites, but they’ll do when my others are dirty.



Under Armour also has some higher necked tops–the price is a bit higher, but sometimes a local sports shop will carry their clothing and you can catch sales or clearances.  (Be aware that the homepage has all kinds of workout gear, including sports br*s.  The link I posted will take you directly to the tops page.)


I recently found Hydrochic, which is sun-protective water sportswear, but most of their tops are very modest.  They are also pricey!  But if you only wear one for working out, or use it just for when you’re with a class or clinic, it will most likely last a long time.  I might try to combine some patterns to make something similar.


I’m kind of partial to this one:  Piper Short Sleeve Swim Shirt


They even have plus sizes


I’ve not actually ordered any of their products yet, but actually thought they were some of the nicest things I’ve found for more coverage.


(Again, the homepage has pics of their mastectomy sports br*s on models, just so you know.  The link above is to their tops.)


Of course, if cotton t-shirts or tank tops aren’t too hot for you, you can get them at a local thrift or GoodWill store!


Basically just make sure whatever you wear won’t overheat you, will move with you, and won’t get you hung up spending time getting things untwisted or out of the way, or anything that will restrict you–especially on moves like Plies and Lunges!


The bottom line is wear something that makes you feel like it’s your “workout wear” whatever you choose.  A nightgown or pajamas can sometimes be counterproductive! :)  It doesn’t have to be expensive or name brand, but wearing something more “official” helps you get a little more serious about it.  When it’s not something you’d just lounge around in, well, just like getting dressed in the morning vs. staying in your pj’s all day, it gives you a different perspective!


And please make sure your husband is happy with what you are wearing.    I don’t have a laptop with a working dvd player, so doing the workouts in my room is not an option.  I make sure my husband is okay with what I’m wearing out in the living room around the children.  Same thing when I got to go to Safety Harbor–I did a “fashion show” :D for him and he picked what he was okay with.   And that is my goal–to please him! ;)


Here is a KwikSew pattern I found that is somewhat like the Hydrochic tops.


Now for footwear–I can’t recommend the Skechers highly enough!   You need a good cross-trainer, with a good platform and a wide toebox–you should be able to flex your toes inside the shoes.  Common error is to “grip” your toes inside your shoes–that will cause pain AND inflammation, which is not what we want!


Here are the ones I use (and if you sign up for Shoebuy’s specials, you can get $10 off or 20% from time to time, and it’s always free shipping both ways!).


I use my shoes only for T-Tapp, and they last at least a year.   A lot depends on you and how often you wear them.  I recently bought a new pair but apparently have lost enough in my feet that now they are a bit sloppy! So I may need to buy the next size down next time!


I hope that gives you some ideas and places to look for workout wear.  If you have any questions, please let me know!


Until next week–keep on Tappin’!  :)


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