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Workout Wednesday–Double Dog Dare Ya!

My day got rearranged–again!


I found out I needed to get a video done for my training, and that wasn’t on my agenda for today.  But I got it done!  Then I did the same workout with a friend a few hours later!


I wouldn’t recommend that as a general rule!  My thighs were sure “talking” to me!  HaHa!


So what’s my dare?


Video yourself doing Basic Workout Plus or MORE!  or even TWO!


I am learning so much through the process of becoming a trainer.   After the initial “getting to know T-Tapp” stage (which can be a few months or even longer), you can always “bump” things up a notch by attention to form.


I attended a clinic 6 months after starting T-Tapp and I believe it really helped me pay more attention to some facets of form.   Oh, you won’t be able to apply it all!  But little by little it “clicks”.


By paying extra attention to my form through videos, I take that to  my workouts, where it’s translated into more toning and shaping.  I have lost all my back fat, br*a  pudge as well as my underarm pudge–my underarms look almost as toned as they did in my 20s!  Not that that was my goal, but I will say I was pretty impressed as they’ve been very pudgy for nearly 20 years!


Many trainers offer video review for those of you who don’t live near a trainer to get a one on one session.   Both have their good points!  A video review gives you something to  go over and over, plus you get the trainer’s critique in “writing” to go over as well.   But a one on one session (or even 3 on 1 or a clinic) gives you some immediate feedback.  Plus, if you don’t understand something, the trainer can try explaining or showing you a different way.


If you can’t afford either one, you can video yourself and critique it!   No, it won’t be detailed and you might not know how to correct some things, but you sure can see if your arms aren’t really straight when you think they are, or your “ribs up” isn’t very “up”, or your standing leg just straightened on Hoedowns!


If you see something and you’re not sure how to correct it, you can always go to the forums to ask questions or search to see if someone else asked the same question.   Everyone there is very helpful, and can point you to a thread, or maybe even one of the trainers will pop in and give you advice.


You can also go to a mirror after viewing your video, and get those arms up behind the ears, straight, no cheerleader arms (which I am very bad about!), and see it correctly, then feel it–because away from the mirror you  need to know how it feels to get into a flat back, or get those arms behind the ears, etc.  This really helped me with Plies, where I tend to pitch the shoulders forward and inactivate the lats by dropping the ribs.  I found I didn’t need to go up and down so far with my lower body to be able to keep my core curled and my shoulders back!


Of course, “the laborer is worthy of her hire”, and if you can swing a video session or private session with a trainer, I’d go for it!   But if you can’t, or maybe you’re saving up for it, in the meantime…


I double dog dare ya to video yourself!


‘Cause if you do–it will be a win-win situation!  You can only win by watching yourself and seeing where you need improvement.   But do take just one thing at a time–we can be too critical sometimes!    Just like any other habits you try to instill into your life, changing form by retraining muscles (which like to go the path of least resistance) takes time and perseverance.


So, who will take my challenge?!


Leave me a comment if you will video yourself within the next two weeks and watch it to critique yourself.    And when you do, please share with me what you discovered!


And if I can be any help, just ask!


( A note–I am having trouble with my e-mails, so if you e-mail me and I don’t respond within a week or two, please try again.  I’m hoping to get it resolved by this weekend!)



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