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T-Tapp Tuesday–Can I Really Maintain with 2 Workouts a Week?

I remember when I first heard that people could maintain their goal size with only 1-2 workouts per week.  Wow!  I couldn’t imagine!


Of course, I thought, that was probably two TOTAL workouts per week, the 50 minute one, not the shorter 15 minute Basic Workout Plus! ;)


I had seasons of being able to maintain where I was at (although not at goal!) with just 3 workouts per week—but not for an extended period of time.


Now that I am considered a Less-to-Lose (one size or less to lose–still boggles my mind that I am at this point!), I am finding that that thinking is not true.  I am not maintaining where I’m at with two workouts per week.


I’m continuing to lose! :D


I have two classes per week–Monday nights we do 4 reps of each of the moves in BWO+ and then I teach 1-3 moves from the second half of Total Workout, breaking it down a bit more for my class.


Then on Fridays I teach MORE.


Granted I am more activated as I am the trainer-in-training, and need to explain and demonstrate with good form for my class.  But I would not say I’m getting as much cardio and activation as if I were doing to Total Workouts!


A week or so ago, I also decided to do 1-2 moves a day in the morning from the second half of TWO, to practice for certifications.    Since I have adrenal issues, I really can’t do more workouts during the week–I could handle one, but I really  need to practice that second part of TWO.  I can’t do it 3 days a week, so I was in a quandary of how to do it when I thought of my “just 15 minutes” idea for decluttering.  I decided I could spend 15 minutes or so reading in Fit and Fabulous about a move, then do it (warming up first with Primary Back Stretch and Mitten Chop Box).


Imagine my surprise last week to lose 2 inches and another pound!!!!  As a Less-to-Lose, losing 2 inches in a week’s time is pretty huge!  And it was from all over!

I know with everyone starting up homeschooling, it can be hard to make time for workouts.  And if you are also canning, well, you know you have another busy month ahead of you!


But don’t throw the idea out just because you don’t have a whole 15 minutes to spend–doing Primary Back Stretch, Mitten Chop Box, and one other move maybe takes 5 minutes–6 max.  Add a Hoedown to it and you’re good to go for the day!  You’ve pumped some lymph to help move toxins and help get rid of sluggishness,  you’ve stretched your muscles and gotten into spinal alignment, and as a little bonus, you got some fat-burning going, too!


You also might find that you are able to focus on form more by isolating just a few moves, which will help you when to do get to your workouts.


Doing this really showed me how that when you understand muscle activation and get neurokinetically connected (muscles connected to the brain!), you really can get more benefit out of less time spent!


Now that’s efficiency I like! ;)





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2 Responses to “T-Tapp Tuesday–Can I Really Maintain with 2 Workouts a Week?”

  1. S. W. says:

    Hello! I have an odd request. Would you please e-mail me regarding where you teach TTAPP? I was wondering if you were near the Indianapolis area at all. I have more questions and such to ask but prefer to do so in a private e-mail.


  2. Gena says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I must start exercising again!

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