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Workout Wednesday–Give It Time

You know how it is.


You see the advertising, buy the book, give it a good shot and….


…you don’t get the “promised” results.


Whether it’s a diet, vitamin, herb, a new health practice you add to your life, exercise….it seems “everybody else” got the fast, great results but you didn’t.


All things aside, let’s face it—probably not everyone got the results that quickly.  Some did, but not everyone!


Let’s tackle the book, Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes.  The cover “promises”:   “Lose 2 sizes in 4 weeks with the T-Tapp Workout”.


The bottom line is–it does, for some.


Not everyone!


(As an aside, Teresa did not pick the title of her book–few authors get that privilege!  Most are picked by the publisher–let’s face it, would you have bought a book titled “How to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out with Comprehensive Compound Muscle Activation”?! :o )


I guess I never felt “cheated” by the “promises” of the book, because I was losing something, even if it wasn’t 2 sizes in 4 weeks!  Before, I was knocking myself out with exercising an hour a day and feeling worse for it, and losing not a single inch/pound/size!


To lose anything–and only with 15 minutes a day (and that only 4-5 times a week!), was GREAT!


It took me 6 months to lose 4 sizes, and since I was a More-to-Lose at size 22W, it really didn’t show much except to my family and dearest friends.  I was still big in the areas I was big in before.  Just not as big! ;)


Another problem with writing a book or making a dvd, is new information comes out, or a syndrome  becomes more and more prevalent, and to update everything takes more money to revise it, plus it’s just plain impossible to address every single concern in one book or dvd.    Unless you don’t mind paying $50 for a 650 page tome!  (And by the time it gets published, MORE new info comes out!)


Instead, Teresa has graciously provided a free forum for discussion, for additional updates on form tweaks and new information.   Trainers often give their input (nearly every single day!) and you can learn a lot—for free.


You don’t even have to own the book to get a secret code to get on the forums–you can check it out there first before buying, as well as try the “Try Before You Buy” exercises listed at the T-Tapp website!


So, back to the “promises” made…..it took me 4 1/2 years to lose 9 sizes and get down to a size 6.  Not a toned 6 yet, mind you, but I am thrilled to be a size 6!


I’m even more thrilled, though, for what I’ve gained!


Health benefits.  Better sleep.  More balance to my hormones.  Stronger muscles.  Bone density.  Endurance.  And the list goes on.


Oh, and the BIGGEST loss I’ve had is a lump under my armpit!  It was probably 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Gone!


I’ll have more tips next week of what to do if you’re battling any of these issues or other health issues, including what I did over the months after my mom’s passing and I had to back off, plus what I’m doing now, as a trainer-in-training who is healing from adrenal fatigue!



Until next week–Happy Tappin’!   :)



(Psssst!   There’s a surprise coming!   Hopefully in 2-3 weeks, Lord willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise! ;) )



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    This was an encouraging reminder not to give up!! Thanks for sharing!

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