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Sharing a Special Day

I was ¬†born on Father’s Day.

Mom used to tease Dad that I was his present! ;)

It was always really special when our “special days” lined up every 5, 6 or 11 years. ¬†Homemade ice cream, razzing each other, just enjoying being family.

The last time my birthday hit Father’s Day was my last Father’s Day on earth with Dad.

I sure miss him today.

We’re making homemade ice cream–the tradition continues!


I miss you and love you, Dad!


Many years ago….


Dad and Susannah at my brother’s wedding, 1993

Dad with Anna-Pie, 1998



He would often come over and get everyone riled up!

The girls loved to pile on him–and he loved it, too! 1999


Dad’s favorite spot during the birthday parties in the dining room!




Dad and Mom with “all” the grandkids–as of 1999!


Happy memories!

If your dad is still around, give him a call, give him a hug–give him your love and make memories!

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  1. Lynn Baker says:

    Our daughter Libby’s birthday falls on Father’s Day too from time to time. It is a special time and she loooooves her Daddy. Such precious memories you have to cherish. Thank you for sharing!

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