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Giveaway #3!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Another great giveaway!


(And no, I haven’t stopped blogging here–just crazy-busy on the business side of things!  I have some posts planned hopefully for next week–non-T-Tapp related! ;) )

Giveaway #2!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I realized that I forgot to link you to my next giveaway at my other website!


You still have time!  It runs until Wednesday at midnight!


I’m being vague with descriptions to hopefully keep the ads clean here! :)


See you over there!



T-Tapp Tuesday–Jazz Twist

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011



You have won the SATI dvd!!!


Be sure to send me your address so I can get this out to you!  You can e-mail me at tinklingbells (at) medt (dot) com


A BIG thank you to ALL of you who entered the giveaway!

Last week, Cindy asked if I could address the Jazz Twist move.  That is a toughie, as any of the twists are!

First of all, always warm up with PBS first before any twisting moves.  That helps warm up the spine to minimize the possibility of injury.

Let’s get set up (after you’ve warmed up! ;) ).  If you were in my classes, this is what you’d hear!

Toes forward.  Not too wide a stance, feet only a mitten hand apart.

Bend knees to the ends of toes, if possible.

Tuck/curl that core (pull belly button to spine–initiate this from the abs and lower lumbar, then tuck tail slightly).

Lift ribs.

Push knees out.

To get into position for Jazz Twist, we step back one foot.  You need to be careful you don’t place one foot behind the other–it’s not a balance beam!  Just step straight back from the T-Tapp stance, and that is usually just about right.  Sometimes you might need to bring that back foot out a little more so the stance is a tad wider.

Let’s say you just stepped back with your right foot.  Good!  Now, stay flat-footed and look down to make sure you are not “ducking out”.  Your toes should be forward.  Adjust, then put your left thumb in your “thumb holder” in the middle of your hip (in back).  Stretch your right arm out (think whatever knee is bent, that elbow is bent; whatever knee is straight, that elbow is straight!).  Press the heel of your right hand forward and lightly fold the fingers over.  You are not reaching, right shoulder shouldn’t be forward at this point.  But keep the arm muscles tight!

Now, likely you collapsed your core through setting up, so let’s rebend that left knee, tuck/curl under, lift ribs, push left knee to little toe.

Really press that thumb into your hip/back, inhale,  exhale, lift ribs and initiate the stretch with your left shoulder going back, as in an archery pull.  You are pushing the right hand forward, but not across your body–straight forward, arm tight.  Be sure that right shoulder isn’t coming up to meet your ear!!!  :)

Inhale again, exhale and push that thumb and left shoulder back more, as far as you can twist (and for a short torso, that might not be far, but stay in the muscle–it’s not about how far but how far you can go and stay activated!).

Hold position 1-2-3 and tuck/curl, lift ribs, push knee out and bring it back. You are using those abs and obliques to help bring you back to starting position.

Before you go into the move, remember two things–

1. Always exhale on the twists (this will help you lose in the ribcage all in itself!)

2. Think “lift ribs” before you twist to get maximum “twist” action


Okay, make sure you didn’t collapse your core (quick check–bend, tuck/curl, lift ribs, knee out, right arm tight tight tight!) and inhale/exhale and twist for 4, really pushing that left thumb and pulling left shoulder back.

Then you can repeat the entire process on the other side!  I just step forward with the right, then step back left.   At the beginning, do NOT try to keep up with Teresa (as in Instructional 1 or BWO+!) as that is typically too fast for newbies, especially the singles!  I still prefer to do 4 on each side, then repeat (without the stretch on the second 4) or just do 8 each side. That’s actually the way she does it in one of the Tempos.  I  honestly did not get the singles with good form until last fall–3 1/2 years after starting T-Tapp!  (And I still prefer to do them the other way! ;) )

As you are twisting, you are wringing the lymph nodes along the spine.  If you haven’t been doing any balancing and twisting moves lately, that may release pockets of toxins that your body has stored for awhile.  If you experience a bit of nausea, that is actually a good thing and more common than you’d think!  Walk around a bit, unless you are really feeling weak, then go ahead and sit down.  Sometimes eating a bite of apple or cheese or some almonds helps.

Make sure also to drink plenty of water throughout the workout! I actually take many more water breaks than the dvd gives!   So don’t be shy to do so!

Cindy, if you or anyone has further questions about Jazz Twist, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to address it!

I was going to put Torso Twist in with this, but I decided to separate them so you don’t get too overwhelmed with too many tips at once!

Now for this week’s giveaway!

This week I will be giving away a copy of TappCore 2 SunRay Sit Down dvd! 

Can I say I just love this dvd?!  It’s a fun sit down workout, 12 1/2 minutes long.  The kids from SunRay Elementary are the ones who won the HoeDown Showdown with Teresa–they did 51 sets, I believe! 

Some of the moves will be familiar if you’re a MORE Chair devotee–but there are some tweaks and new things added that actually make this my new favorite sit down workout!  It can still get you sweating!

And seeing those kids just has to make you smile through your workout! :D

Okay, how to enter?  Much the same as last week, with a few changes.

1. Leave a comment and tell me if you’d use this for yourself or maybe a friend or relative. 

2. Leave a comment each time you do a T-Tapp workout (yes, TappCore counts–at least 3 moves–so even you busy young mamas can enter! )  Let me know what workout you did (or which moves!).

3. Tell others about the giveaway–FaceBook, Twitter, e-mail, blog, forum (if appropriate–don’t violate any forum rules!)  Let me know you did and post a link, if applicable (I don’t have FB, but I have friends who do! )  You can do this up to 3 times a day if you so desire!

4. Measure your ribcage.   Next time you work out, pause the dvd at Jazz Twist and take the time to set up and really work through this move at your pace, following the tips I gave you.  You can do a stretch, then 4 on one side, stretch then 4 on the other side, followed by 4 sets on each side without the stretch.  Or you can stretch on one side and do 8 sets, then repeat the same on the other side.  Then resume your dvd for the rest of your workout.

If it’s not a workout day, why not do PBS and Jazz Twist as above?  It’s a great move to help with spinal flexibility and lymphatic pumping!

If you do this, leave a comment that you did.  Yes, even if you do it every day, leave me a comment every day! (More chances to win!)  Then measure again on Monday and let’s see if you lose any off the ribs!  Remember–exhale fully on the twists and–ribs UP!

5. This one counts DOUBLE!   Tell me what you’d like me to address in future T-Tapp Tuesday posts.   If you have a big list (LOL!) just one entry per day on this one, please!

This giveaway will run until midnight Monday, June 6.  I will announce the winner next Tuesday as well as what the next giveaway is!

Let’s get Tappin’!  :)

T-Tapp Tuesday–Lots of Goodies!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

SO much to share today!  :)

First of all, the meaty stuff–it will be a bit shorter and sweeter since there are a few other things I want to tell you about ( including the give-away!).

I posted a little while back about the importance of Ribs Up (shoulder/hip alignment).  Now I’m going to give you a little “try it out” to see what I mean.  We did this last night in our class.

First, get into the “plie stance”, feet shoulder width apart, toes out to 11 and 1 on the clock (if you have knee issues, bring the toes forward a bit).  Bend, tuck/curl that core (flatten lower back as if against a wall, pulling belly button to spine), lift ribs, knees out.

Now reach away with your arms, straight out from your shoulders, as if someone is pulling your arms out of their sockets–really r-e-a-c-h!   Turn your hands so they are facing forward, thumbs up.  Gently fold your fingers over, and gently stretch the thumb up.   Now reach away again.

Keep everything tight tight tight!   Stay very focused and lift your ribs a bit more.   You should feel some extra tightening in your triceps, lats, pecs, tummy area, and along the outside of hips and thighs!

You might not be totally connected kinetically to feel that on the first time.  Go ahead! Do it several times, focusing on a different muscle group each time!

Now you have a “hands on” (or is that “muscles on”?!) example of how keeping the ribs up can help you activate all the way from triceps to quads!  ;)

If you have a mirror, why not do a few moves in front of the mirror this week, specifically focusing on keeping ribs up and shoulders back in alignment with the hips?

More fun stuff!

PBS has put out a “sizzle reel” of what they’re going to be showing for their August fund-raising.  This is what I flew to Ft. Lauderdale for back in February!

You can click here to go to the YouTube clip, and if you pause it at about the 27 second mark, look to the right of the screen and you’ll see Marty in a blue shirt–and he has a perfect “heart” sweat mark on his shirt!  We teased him about “sweating hearts” because he loved T-Tapp so much! :)

(Do realize you will see everyone in workout gear, just to advise you! )

T-Tapp will be offering some tremendous deals for the PBS fundraiser, so see if your local station will be carrying this promo and you might be able to purchase T-Tapp products for a steal of a deal that won’t be available anywhere else!

Okay, now for the really fun stuff!

I am having a giveaway–actually I will have giveaways for the next FOUR weeks, leading up to my birthday in June! 

For this week, the prize is a Step Away the Inches dvd!

Now, how to enter!

1. Leave a comment and tell me which T-Tapp workout is your favorite (if you don’t T-Tapp yet, which one you would like to get).

2. Leave a comment each time you do a T-Tapp workout (yes, TappCore counts–at least 3 moves–so even you busy young mamas can enter! ;) )  Let me know what workout you did (or which moves!).

3. Tell others about the giveaway–FaceBook, Twitter, e-mail, blog, forum (if appropriate–don’t violate any forum rules!)  Let me know you did and post a link, if applicable (I don’t have FB, but I have friends who do! ;) )  You can do this up to 3 times a day if you so desire!

4. Practice the “exercise” I gave you for ribs up every day this week (you can take Sunday off).  On a workout day do it before you work out, and on off days do it at least once.  Post that you “did the Ribs Up Exercise”.

5. This one counts DOUBLE!   Tell me what you’d like me to address in future T-Tapp Tuesday posts.   If you have a big list (LOL!) just one entry per day on this one, please! :)

This giveaway will run until midnight Monday, May 30.  I will announce the winner next Tuesday as well as what the next giveaway is!

And Fabulous Family Friday will be back–Lord willing!–this Friday. 

Happy Tappin’!  ;)

The Winner Is……

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


Hannah Y!!!

Congratulations, Hannah!  

And thank you to ALL who have entered my giveaways!  I might have to do this again after the first of the year—a "beat the winter blahs" giveaway or something like that!  

I would encourage you to get a copy of The Heart of the King–it is an excellent book that still challenges me, even on my second time through.  I think it will be a permanent devotional for me! 


Blessings on your day!


Desiring God FREE Download! (And GIVEAWAY #4!)

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I don’t know where I’ve been, but I’ve just found John Piper!  I had heard of him before, but finally clicked on a video of him about memorizing Scripture and now I am hooked!


Christianaudio.com has a free download every month, and for November, it is John Piper’s book, Desiring God.


You can click HERE for the link, and also, sign up for their free newsletter so you can be notified of the next free download!


I burned the first chapter to a CD and listened today in the van on a long trip…..oh, my!  So rich, so good!   I actually put the print book on my Christmas wish list!  


Here are a few gems (not verbatim, since I was driving–couldn’t take notes safely!  LOL!):


"God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him."


"Worship is not really worship unless God is treasured and enjoyed."   WOW!


I would encourage you to download this jewel and listen and soak it in!






And now, for my FOURTH giveaway!



I told you I’m having too much fun!



If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I LOVE the book, "The Heart of the King" by Ron Auch.


It is a devotional on Psalm 119–but it isn’t "fluffy"–it is quite meaty!  I am on my second time through it (I bought mine just a little over a year ago).  It ministers to me so much!


It has a page per verse in Psalm 119–it’s about an 8X8 inch book.  You can check it out at Amazon.com HERE.


It is currently out of print, but when I e-mailed the author last summer, he said it would be reprinted.  I certainly hope so, as it’s a wonderful book!


So this copy will be a used copy–I am still waiting on it to arrive, or I would tell you its condition!  I tried to get one in the best condition possible.


It is a wonderful book, and it will be one you treasure, I’m sure!  



To enter this giveaway:

1. Will this be a gift to yourself?  Or someone else?  You don’t have to say who, in case they read this blog, too! 



2. My new friend at Give All Diligence has started to memorize Psalm 119!   Maybe you feel that’s a bit daunting to start–but would you commit to memorize one section of Psalm 119?  A section is only 8 verses long.   If you choose to take that challenge, you get an entry for it, plus if you check in and let me know how you’re doing, you can get another entry–1 per day for this one.


3. Share a book or blog that has really deepened your love for the Lord.  1 entry per book or blog mentioned!  Mention as many as you like, but no doubles!  (Don’t send me the same list each day–LOL!)


4. What will you do today to fall in love with Him more, the Heavenly Bridegroom and Lover of your soul?  And if you have something different for each day, you may share and get an entry per day for this one!


5. Tell 3 friends, post on a forum or facebook, tweet on Twitter, blog about it—and come back and let me know!  (Leave a link if you posted on your blog or on a forum!)  You can do this one as much as you like!


This time I will run the giveaway through November 29, Sunday night at midnight–to allow a day off for Thanksgiving!   I will announce the winner Monday morning, November 30.


Be sure to check back in so if you’re the winner, so you can get in touch with me to receive your "jewel" of a book!


And please–



take time to fall in love with Him today!


The Winner Is………

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009



Congratulations, Heather!

And thank you to EVERYONE who entered!

I also want to thank EVERYONE that voted for my daughters’ blog–they are first as of right now, and the voting is done, but the team needs to go through and make sure all votes are within the rules, so we won’t know until tomorrow the official winner!  But THANK YOU for voting and getting the word out!  {{{HUGS}}}

I’m thinking of doing one more giveaway, unless y’all are getting tired of them……


A “Top O’ the Morning” Giveaway! (AND Please Vote!!!)

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


If you missed last week’s giveaway winner announcement, click HERE!




I have to have my priorities straight, soooooo…..


My daughters’ blog, Seven Sisters is up for "Best Teen Group Blog" on The Homeschool Blog Awards!


So if you aren’t already voting for a friend, family, etc., PLEASE consider voting for them HERE!


If you’ve never been to their blog (can’t imagine, but just in case!), you can visit them HERE!



Now that we have that taken care of,  on to the NEXT giveaway!!!!


You might be familiar with the name "Frances Ridley Haveral"– the hymnwriter who wrote "Take My Life And Let It Be" along with about 100 more. 


She learned to read at the age of 3, at 4 she began reading and memorizing the Bible, at 7 she started writing verse!  She gave her life to the Lord at age 14, and memorized the New Testament, Psalms, Isaiah and the Minor Prophets!


It is said that she never wrote a line without first praying over it.



She wrote "Morning Bells" as a complimentary book to her "Little Pillows".  "Morning Bells" was written to help children to awaken with Christ each morning.  LIttle ones are challenged to imitate Christ as they seek to live for Him in their daily lives.


I have a new copy of "Morning Bells", in paperback, that I am giving away this week!  


You can check it out at Amazon.com—follow THIS link.


Carol Brandt, author of "Old Paths for Little Feet" said of this book, "This is child evangelism as it should be: plain, simple, truthful, without manipulation or deceit."


I recently purchased a used copy that has both Little Pillows and Morning Bells and started using it last night with my littles!  I read about this at Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience, in this post:  "How to Build a House of Prayer" (a very, very good post, by the way!  But aren’t they all?!) 


To enter this giveaway (you can do any combination of the following):


1. Tell me how you will use this book (or if you will give it as a gift) if you win.


2. Tell me what you are using now as a devotional with your children.


3. Are you memorizing Scripture?  And helping your children?   Let me know what you are memorizing, and any neat ideas you have for writing God’s Word on the hearts of your children.


4. Do you sing hymns/choruses/Scripture songs regularly as a family?  What are your favorites?  


5. Tell 3 friends about this giveaway.


6. Spread the word through blogs, forums, facebook, twitter, and link back to here.  Let me know that you did!  If you posted on your blog, be sure to leave me your blog address so I can check YOUR blog out!  (Neat way to find new blogs!)



If you decide to learn the song "Take My Life and Let It Be" by Frances Ridley Havergal this week (sing ALL the verses), let me know each day that you are singing it and learning it (I don’t expect you to memorize it, although it will get very familiar!  ) and any other entries you make that day will count DOUBLE!   



You may enter as many times as you like on #5 & #6, and if you come up with more ideas on #1, #2, #3 & #4, that is fine, too! 


Obviously #7 will just be reported once a day! 



This giveaway will run through midnight on Saturday, November 21, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, November 22. 



Be sure to leave me a way to contact you if you win!   I’m looking forward to seeing all your ideas for devotionals, memorizing helps and what songs you are learning!    Let’s have fun!



And the Winner Is……

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


Angela (angdesa)!!!


Congratulations, Angela!   And thank you to EVERYONE who entered!

You can go to the T-Tapp site and enter their contest–and maybe win TappCore plus be able to order another workout at 50% off!   Just go HERE!

OR you can enter their other contest giveaway that goes every 10 days and win a choice of workouts HERE!

I’ll have more to post later this week about all the benefits I’ve gained (and inches lost! ) through T-Tapp, so "stay tuned"!

Again, thanks to ALL who have entered, and—–

Come back tomorrow for ANOTHER giveaway!    (I’m just having TOO much fun!   )


A “Healthy” Giveaway!

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

As promised, I have another giveaway this week!



I mean, it’s so much FUN!



Well, except that I want EVERYONE to win! 



With the holiday season upon us, we often are faced with LOTS of food, LOTS of tempting desserts, LOTS of reasons to not get workouts in, and LOTS of reasons to let go of a LOT of healthy things we normally do!!!



Added to that, how many of us would like to see our kids move more?  I forget the statistics, but more and more schools are completely cutting out P.E.  It wasn’t MY favorite class in school, either!   BUT–there are so many more media gadgets that actually keep kids indoors glued to screens vs. out playing games for fun and exercise, riding bikes, etc.



Added to THAT, in some parts of the country, just getting bundled up to weather the cold and do ANYTHING outside is a workout in itself! 



So for my second giveaway, I am going to help you!    You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE T-Tapp and all it’s done for me!  If you happen to NOT know that, I’ll give you a condensed version!  (If you want the long version, just click on T-Tapp in my Categories on the sidebar!   )



I’ve lost 131 inches and 7 sizes, going from a 22/24W to a size 10/12 in 2 1/2 years!   WITHOUT stressing about what I eat—no counting calories, eating regular meals with my family, just making a few healthy choices here and there and STILL enjoying my Endangered Species Dark Chocolate and a dessert at potlucks! 


I’ve only lost 19 pounds!  (Weight doesn’t matter!–Muscle and bone density DO!)

I have more energy, stamina, clearer thinking…..I have a lump under my arm that has reduced in size to be the smallest it’s been in TEN years!  



T-Tapp is about total body health for me!   Inch loss is great, and it "reels us in", but it’s the other benefits, the ones you can’t "measure", that really count!  (Here is a post on the T-Tapp  Forums that I did on that very subject a year or so ago!)



As my gift of health to YOU, I am giving away FREE the TappCore dvd that Teresa developed for schools!   There are 9 moves on here–each move has a 3-5 minute instructional, then the straight through move is about 2 minutes.   The walking one is longer (I haven’t timed it lately, but it’s not terribly long!).  She walks with Buddy in his little carry bag on her back during that one! 


Teresa told of one school where the teacher has the kids do Hoedowns about 2:00 in the afternoon–right before reading class!  Hoedowns have been proven to lower blood sugar and they clear the mind–these kids have super concentration after doing their afternoon Hoedown!



The goal is to try to get three of these moves over the course of a day.   But you can fit them in however it works with your schedule.   My younger girls do three at a time and love it!   In fact, we have a video of our youngest T-Tapper, Isaiah!


 T-Tapp Toddler (sorry about having to tilt your head–we’re working on that!)



Since I have a variety of readers with many different preferences, I will let you know that Teresa is in workout wear.  If you think that may be a problem for you for whatever reason, you might want to preview it and perhaps learn the moves so you can teach them to your kids (after all, when you teach you learn it better, right?!)



If you have specific questions to determine if this fits in with your family style and routine, please e-mail me (link on the sidebar).



I love Teresa’s heart!  She is all about health–yes, inches lost, looking good all count, of course.  But as one who got to spend nearly a week at her retreat and talked to her a few times one on one, I can assure you she is very real and truly desires health in ALL ages!  She’s even working on a dvd for Senior Fitness that should be out next year!  


You can click on the banner below for more information about T-Tapp at her website.






Okay, I know!   How can you enter?




I forgot in last week’s giveaway to make sure you gave me a way to contact you!  If you plan to see if you win and then send me your contact information, that is fine!  (I know you might not be comfortable posting your e-mail address).  


And if you are a young person still at home, please make sure this is okay with your parents first!


1. Tell me how you plan to use this dvd if you win it.  I won’t be sending anyone to check up on you!  Just tell me what you think at this point you would do!



2. Tell three friends about this giveaway.



3. Blog, Tweet, post on facebook or a forum you’re on…..and let me know!



4. Think of ONE other healthy habit you can add during the Holiday season!  Some ideas:



~Drink more water (less soda or coffee)


~Eat more veggies (or, eat at least ONE veggie!  LOL!)


~Eat a good breakfast


~Eat fewer desserts! 



5. If you already T-Tapp or work out, let me know that you worked out that day and post it!  Tell me what you did!  


Here’s to better health–the T-Tapp way!