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It’s Official!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

I am now officially a T-Tapp trainer!  Yippee!


I certified in both Total Workout (TWO) and MORE!   The first one (TWO) was the hardest!  I’m so glad it wasn’t my first time meeting Teresa Tapp nor my first time at Safety Harbor–that would really make it overwhelming! ;)


It has been a fun week and I enjoyed a lot–and learned a lot, too!  Teresa has some exciting things coming up, including Senior Fit which will hopefully be released sometime in March/April!  Although it’s been a longer wait than she first planned, she has tweaked it and made it even better than at first!



I will be announcing some exciting things in the next few weeks, plus a few giveaways, so “stay tuned”!



And thanks for prayers and thoughts for me as I made this journey to certifications!


I also want to publicly thank my wonderful family for their support!


Happy Tappin’!


His Name Shall Be Called….

Saturday, November 26th, 2011





With the help of five of my daughters, helping me redesign the cover (drawn by Jessica and Leah and it’s much more beautiful than the picture I had!), figure out the more technical aspects (thank you, Jessica!), renumbering pages, adding pictures…whew!  This is almost harder than having a baby!  LOL!







The actual study and research for this has been a joy to my heart!  If no one else gets anything out of it–I sure have! :)


This is a study of four names of Jesus over the four weeks of Advent.  The cover and first week’s contents are available at Farmgirl Treasures Etsy Shop.



If you to see the Intro, there is a free download here.



Half of the proceeds will go to Living Water International.



Whether you decide to purchase it or not, I pray your Advent season will be one of anticipation and preparing your heart for Him!




It’s Coming….

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Almost done with week 1 of the Advent Devotional, His Name Shall Be Called. Yes, I know, there are four weeks in Advent!  Due to the fact that I can only stay at the computer and type for so long, I will be offering the first week for sale hopefully later today.     The techie side of things is a whole new learning experience!   (Who said homeschooling was for the kids?!  ;)  )



If you would like a sneak peek, click here to download the four page Introduction, free!



Then stay tuned–it will hopefully be in the Farmgirl Treasures Etsy shop by tonight!  (Hopefully before 11:59 p.m.!  :lol: )



By the way, if you haven’t seen this yet, my daughters are planning an open house for next week!



Are you playing Christmas music yet?! :)

His Name Shall Be Called….

Thursday, November 24th, 2011




Is it really just around the corner?



And does anyone else besides me seem to get behind on their Advent readings?!  We aren’t even as busy as many families are during the Christmas season, but we still have times when some of us aren’t home or even all of us gone.  Then you’re “behind”.  Nothing says “let’s focus on the Christ of Christmas” like feeling behind, right?!




Okay, all kidding aside, I thought it would be nice, someday, to write an Advent Devotional.   One based on the names of Christ.  Short, but inspiring.   Built-in “make-up” days.  Permission to skip or adapt to suit your family.  Focusing on what stands out to your family.  Not that other Advent programs or devotionals don’t do that–I have been blessed by many of them!




But I wanted one that focuses on the names of Christ as well as one that is doable for a busy mama of littles or a mama of many ages.




So I am trying to keep my focus as I write an Advent Devotional e-book.    My goal is to have week 1 ready for purchase on Friday…..this is all new territory for me and my super-techie dear friend is very busy, but hopefully my becoming-a-techie daughter will be able to help me get this going! ;)




Stay tuned for upates!   (If you follow my girls on Facebook, you might see an announcement there as well!)    This will be available through their Etsy shop, Farmgirl Treasures.




And please pray for me!   I want to keep my heart still before Him and let His quieting love flow through my writing.




If I can figure out how (or if Jessica can figure out how!), I may have the introduction available tomorrow as a free sneak preview!




Until then, have a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving!