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A New Beginning–A Living Love Relationship

Today our 6th daughter (and 6th child!) was baptized.   Our church meets at a nursing home, so baptisms are at the pastor’s home on a private lake.  As she came up out of the water,  3 John 4 came to mind, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."    Of course, this isn’t an ending, but a beginning.  She will need to continue that walk throughout her life. 


It seems just a short time ago, she was our chubby Bekah-D-Boo!  She was my largest baby weighing in at 11 lbs. 4 oz!  (Well, so far!  Hopefully she will keep that record!)  When we would ask her, "Where’s your chubby leggies?"  She’d grin and hold up one of her chubby thighs!


Now she’s 9, and growing up to be quite a good helper–we call her our good little mommy!   I’m so very grateful to be able to home educate, making God and His Word a priority in our "school" as well as just focusing on our relationship with Him.  After all, it isn’t church, it isn’t dutifully having devotions or even prayer that makes us holy—it’s having a living, vital relationship with Him–which may come through the aforementioned things, but don’t mistake "doing this or that" for a relationship with Him!  After all, I know my husband wouldn’t be too thrilled if I thought having a relationship with him was just reading his letters, making sure his clothes are clean and he has good meals, even talking to him, but never really connecting hearts with him!


So I pray that I model for and train Bekah, pointing her to her loving Bridegroom Who has wooed her to Himself, to find in Him her all in all.


I love you, Bekah, and am so grateful for your decision!





2 Responses to “A New Beginning–A Living Love Relationship”

  1. Eshell says:

    Tell Bekah congratulations from the Knapps. Isn't wonderful to see God work in our children's lives at such a tender age.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy for you bekah.


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