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Sweeeeeet Accomplishments!


104 "Milkshakes" were consumed by our family

over an 8 day period of time!

Here are the pictures to prove it!  

First, these are the "milkshakes" a local Lions club were selling–

unless it was a very, very hot day, or you got caught talking

instead of eating it right away, you did not need a straw!





Getting ready to purchase #100!





They piled it nice and high! 





First bite!

The 4-H girls had to wait in line with

their chickens to sell at the auction (for 3 hours!)

so Daddy decided to share #100 with everyone!

Here are some more pictures of our last day:

Last feeding for the wethers.

Looks like General Braddock is giving Cassia

a good-bye kiss!

Cassia in the auction ring with General Braddock.



Anna didn’t have a wether so she sold a basket with goat milk,

some cookies and goat milk soap!





Bekah with Caleb Holt.





Susannah with Mr. Baher (can you tell we had a

literary/movie theme for the goat names this year?!)






This is the goat tent, after the pens were taken down.

We hung out here until the auction was over–other than when

the girls were in the ring, then we were over at the show barn!





Anna the Clown, selling her chicken!






Cassia, selling Patrick Henry (you’ll get it if you can read the sign!)












Susannah, wearing her very appropriate "poultry jumper"!





Here’s what Cassia’s sign said, if you couldn’t read it!





Some "Cutie Patootie" pictures!











And a few final shots, the first one is the view from the goat barn.






And this is looking "down over the hill" towards the lake.


Makes for a very pretty view!



(That’s the Goat Barn, the Rabbit/Poultry Barn,

and over the hill is the Llama Tent.  We spent

most of our week in those three barns/tent!!!)






Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our fair!




5 Responses to “Sweeeeeet Accomplishments!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVED the pictures!! Thanks for sharing! My favorite was the little watermelon eater! :) I also loved Patrick Henry and sign! Y'all are so creative and I'm amazed with all you've accomplished! Congratulations on everything — including making it to #100!!! :)

  2. http://jacquedixon.com says:

    Great pictures!! Wow, what fun you all had… and what a lot of work!

    Thanks for sharing. It was fun to see them all.

    The milkshakes look more like frosties, and they look really delicious right about now! :)

    Hope to talk soon – now that Fair Week is over! :)

    Praying you are doing well~


  3. tami aka agodlyhomemaker says:

    i love your blog! i found it thru jocelyn's a pondering heart. i am subbing :) btw- great pics!

  4. Jocelyndixon says:

    Wow – lots of great photos. Ice cream sure looks yummy!!!! :) I bet you are very proud of all your dahling girls!

  5. elsings says:

    i really enjoyed looking at the fair pictures. the girls looked like they were enjoying themselves showing their animals. i still can't believe how much they all have grown up!! love pat

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