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Wordless Wednesday–Fair Time Is Exhausting!






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3 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday–Fair Time Is Exhausting!”

  1. […] {more photos coming later, but this is a shot of our “kitchen” while we’re practically “living” at the fair Oh yes!  And be sure to check out Mommy’s Wordless Wednesday!} […]

  2. Kelley says:

    It would appear that it’s exhausting! The boys look so comfy on their sisters laps though! :)

  3. Well, I am finally getting over here to look at your blog. I think I must be the worst friend ever. I LOVE seeing photos of you all, and I LOVED the video that Jessica made!!!

    I sent you an email over a month ago… did you get it?? I was wondering if I had a wrong address. My laptop has been dead for almost 2m, and I need to get the cord from my sister.

    What great shots! :)

    I mentioned not having talked to you in so long, and Jocelyn reminded me last week how busy you all are at this time of the year.
    I miss you sister. Oh, how I long to have you all into my dining room and just sit and talk… let the Littles run around the yard and shoot arrows…

    Love to you all!

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