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Fabulous Family Friday–FairSchooling?!

Friday, July 16th, 2010


I promise that next week I will return to my regularly scheduled posts!  This week has been a full one, with today being our last day of the 4-H fair.  This was Susannah’s last year–but she’ll be back as a helper next year!  (Are true 4-H-ers ever really “done”?! ;) )


I thought you might see how “school” fits into the fair!  :)




How is this educational, you ask?


Can’t you see it’s engineering?  Roadbuilding? Dirtmoving? (with your brother’s croc shoe, of course! ;) )  Memory skills?  (Where did I bury that red “woo-woo” truck?!)

Life-skills-learning at its best! LOL!



 (Close-up of “using your brother’s croc to move dirt”!

Problem solving, you know! ;) )




That’s stretching it a bit, you say?


Well, here is one that incorporates spelling, vocabulary, word usage, math and art!





 Hangman in the sand!!!



I’m sure between my girls and I, we will be giving you many glimpses into our time at the fair!


Enjoy life with your family!


And “ham it up” a little–life’s too short to be serious all the time! :D





Wordless Wednesday–Fair Time Is Exhausting!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010