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Workout Wednesday–Bodily Exercise Profits a Little

I had other plans for today’s post, but this morning during my quiet time, 1 Timothy 4:8 stood out:


For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.



The actual meaning of “profiteth little” means “somewhat” or “a little”.



It is so easy in our culture in this day, to get obsessed with looking good or thin or even being/getting/staying healthy to the detriment of our inner person.



If our motivation is fear, then we will feel driven.   And that is no fun!  (Besides, our Gentle Shepherd leads His sheep–He doesn’t drive them!  John 10:3-4)



Of course it is good stewardship of the marvelous creation called our body to eat real foods, take supplements to help us have the health to do what we’re called to do, and to exercise to help keep ourselves healthy and energetic as well.



But we can focus too much either way–out of fear or vanity spend way too much time, money and effort on the outer body, or, deciding that taking much time at all with the outward is total vanity and “we’re under grace” so we really don’t focus at all on good health, good food or exercise.


Both are “ditches”, as my pastor likes to call them!  And falling into either ditch is not making progress going down the road!



I remember very well how frustrated I was to be working out close to an hour every day, 4-6 days a week and losing nothing!  And I was exhausted an hour and a half later and needed a nap.  So much for exercising to get healthy and to get more energy!  :p



When I found T-Tapp and started getting results just doing the 15 minute Basic Workout Plus, it was like a big ray of sunshine on a gloomy day!



The second part of 1 Timothy 4:8 talks about how godliness profits in all things, giving us hope in this present life as well as in the life to come.



Well, if you are spending 1-2 hours exercising, then trying to fix healthy meals, researching supplements, etc., you might not have as much time to even think about that hope, let alone rest in it!



Don’t get me wrong–there is a time to research, and food allergies/sensitivities may necessitate extra cooking and time in food preparation.  I sure know about that!  :)  But when it becomes an obsession and we don’t have time for relationships–with the Lord, our husbands, our children, our friends or anyone else–all in the name of “getting healthy”, then something needs to be reevaluated.



This is one of many reasons I love T-Tapp!  I get much more out of 15 minutes of T-Tapp than I ever did out of an hour of light weights, core exercises and rebounding/jump roping!  AND I’m not exhausted 1 1/2 hours later, either! ;)



Remember–80% of my workouts have been shorter ones, either BWO+ or a variation, SATI, or TWO split over 3 days.


Since February, I have gotten an average of 1-2 classes in per week, and sometimes practicing moves on off days, but certainly not every day.  Oh, and in those classes we only do 4 reps!


In the past 8 months I have lost another 25 3/4 inches–this after 4 years of T-Tapp!  I lost 2 more sizes, and although yes, I did change my way of eating (we switched to the GAPS diet due to two of our daughters’ leaky gut issues), that did not build muscle or reshape me!  That came through T-Tapp–maximum activation and focus on form, but fewer workouts.


You don’t need to kill yourself with more more more–cut reps, split things up, kick out more—and focus on form–and you will get results as your body reconnects the brain to the muscles!


With the consistency of focus on proper form and going to your max, coupled with a balanced eating of good protein, good carbs and good fats, your body will release the fat and reshape, and best of all–get healthy!


I can’t imagine that I would have sustained working out an hour  a day for nearly 5 years.    I’m sure I probably would have majorly crashed my adrenals if I had tried to keep up with that!


T-Tapp is the perfect workout for busy mamas, delivering the most for your effort (but you must put forth the effort–no mindless movement here!).    Couple that with a balanced way of eating like Nourishing Traditions along with Schwarzbein’s principles, and you have a winning combination for good health and “a little profit” for the body!



And that leaves more time for what matters the most—













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4 Responses to “Workout Wednesday–Bodily Exercise Profits a Little”

  1. Darline says:

    Excellent post Trisch.
    There is many blogs that focus on excersice and health but overlook that our spiritual health is the most important.
    That is the very reason that I enjoy reading your posts. You have approached excersice and health in a very balanced way.
    Thank you for all your encouragement and willingnes to share your experience.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hannover says:

    very much liked this article! thank you for sharing your experience … (found you via the t-tapp forum)

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