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Workout Wednesday–Bodily Exercise Profits a Little

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I had other plans for today’s post, but this morning during my quiet time, 1 Timothy 4:8 stood out:


For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.



The actual meaning of “profiteth little” means “somewhat” or “a little”.



It is so easy in our culture in this day, to get obsessed with looking good or thin or even being/getting/staying healthy to the detriment of our inner person.



If our motivation is fear, then we will feel driven.   And that is no fun!  (Besides, our Gentle Shepherd leads His sheep–He doesn’t drive them!  John 10:3-4)



Of course it is good stewardship of the marvelous creation called our body to eat real foods, take supplements to help us have the health to do what we’re called to do, and to exercise to help keep ourselves healthy and energetic as well.



But we can focus too much either way–out of fear or vanity spend way too much time, money and effort on the outer body, or, deciding that taking much time at all with the outward is total vanity and “we’re under grace” so we really don’t focus at all on good health, good food or exercise.


Both are “ditches”, as my pastor likes to call them!  And falling into either ditch is not making progress going down the road!



I remember very well how frustrated I was to be working out close to an hour every day, 4-6 days a week and losing nothing!  And I was exhausted an hour and a half later and needed a nap.  So much for exercising to get healthy and to get more energy!  :p



When I found T-Tapp and started getting results just doing the 15 minute Basic Workout Plus, it was like a big ray of sunshine on a gloomy day!



The second part of 1 Timothy 4:8 talks about how godliness profits in all things, giving us hope in this present life as well as in the life to come.



Well, if you are spending 1-2 hours exercising, then trying to fix healthy meals, researching supplements, etc., you might not have as much time to even think about that hope, let alone rest in it!



Don’t get me wrong–there is a time to research, and food allergies/sensitivities may necessitate extra cooking and time in food preparation.  I sure know about that!  :)  But when it becomes an obsession and we don’t have time for relationships–with the Lord, our husbands, our children, our friends or anyone else–all in the name of “getting healthy”, then something needs to be reevaluated.



This is one of many reasons I love T-Tapp!  I get much more out of 15 minutes of T-Tapp than I ever did out of an hour of light weights, core exercises and rebounding/jump roping!  AND I’m not exhausted 1 1/2 hours later, either! ;)



Remember–80% of my workouts have been shorter ones, either BWO+ or a variation, SATI, or TWO split over 3 days.


Since February, I have gotten an average of 1-2 classes in per week, and sometimes practicing moves on off days, but certainly not every day.  Oh, and in those classes we only do 4 reps!


In the past 8 months I have lost another 25 3/4 inches–this after 4 years of T-Tapp!  I lost 2 more sizes, and although yes, I did change my way of eating (we switched to the GAPS diet due to two of our daughters’ leaky gut issues), that did not build muscle or reshape me!  That came through T-Tapp–maximum activation and focus on form, but fewer workouts.


You don’t need to kill yourself with more more more–cut reps, split things up, kick out more—and focus on form–and you will get results as your body reconnects the brain to the muscles!


With the consistency of focus on proper form and going to your max, coupled with a balanced eating of good protein, good carbs and good fats, your body will release the fat and reshape, and best of all–get healthy!


I can’t imagine that I would have sustained working out an hour  a day for nearly 5 years.    I’m sure I probably would have majorly crashed my adrenals if I had tried to keep up with that!


T-Tapp is the perfect workout for busy mamas, delivering the most for your effort (but you must put forth the effort–no mindless movement here!).    Couple that with a balanced way of eating like Nourishing Traditions along with Schwarzbein’s principles, and you have a winning combination for good health and “a little profit” for the body!



And that leaves more time for what matters the most—













T-Tapp Tuesday–Of Weeds and Exercise

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

What do weeds and exercise have in common?


Lately my husband and I have been reading some of Eliot Coleman’s books, and this was from “Four Season Harvest”:

Weeds probably discourage more potential gardeners than any

other single problem. “Oh, the garden was overgrown

with weeds and we finally gave up” is so common a statement that it

is almost considered a normal reaction. It doesn’t need to be that

way. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh, the living room finally

got so dirty that we just stopped using it”?  We don’t stop

enjoying the living room because of dust. We simply vacuum or

sweep every so often to keep the room clean. The same applies

in the garden.  Furthermore, just as dirt in the living room can

be minimized  by placing a mat outside the front door or asking

the people to remove their shoes before entering the house,

weeds in the garden can be prevented in a number of ways. All of

them make less work for the gardener.


How many times have you “let exercise go” or “let the new eating plan go” because you messed up or life happened?


I was part of a small challenge among some friends.  We’re all on an e-mail list together, homeschooling mamas who’ve known each other a long time.   Most of us had major things come up last month that kept us from “finishing” as well as we had hoped.  One had a major move and all that entailed.  Another had an unplanned surgery.  Yet another has major stress with what her husband is going through in his job right now.  I felt my adrenals weren’t quite up to snuff the second half of the month, so I had to back off.


Should we just throw in the towel and quit?  Let the “weeds” take over?




I think the biggest area we have to really watch those weeds is in our thoughts!


When life hits, don’t say “Well, I blew it again!  Might as well wait until next week/month to start!”


The way to overcome and make “lemonade” when life throws lemons at you is to say, “This month isn’t going as I planned, but I can do something! I can at least do 3 moves throughout the day and brush.”


Or “I might not get a whole workout in 3 days a week, but if I can get one in plus a few moves on the other days, I’ve accomplished something!”


As the old adage goes, “Something is better than nothing!”


It’s often good to have a back-up plan.  The past few weeks I got a modified PBS in (MORE style) and Organs in Place (OIP) some nights before bed.   Although I would have liked to do more moves on the days I didn’t teach classes, that was all I could handle.   As I’ve shared before, in preparing for my trainer certifications, I will mentally go through a move as if I’m teaching it, and I also have been reading Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes one move at a time, so I am still “working on it” even if I can’t actually do a move every day!


As in the “battle of the weeds”, nipping things early  helps.  Or Eliot Coleman’s example of a mat at the front door to help with dirt in the living room.


We can do the same with our mindset about T-Tapp:  what can you do to nip the “negative thoughts” in the bud?   What can you do to defray the temptation to just give in and do nothing because you couldn’t do everything you had planned?


Before I started training to be a trainer, MORE was my “go-to” workout. When I was in a funk and couldn’t decide–it was already decided for me!  If I was still balking due to a late night the night before, or because the day was getting away from me, I would tell myself, “You can do MORE Chair.  It’s only 10 minutes!”


At least I did something!


Think through your “contingency plan” and what are the bare bones basics you will do no matter what. For me it’s brushing (I take Sundays off), PBS in the morning and OIP before bed.   I also try to get in the Mitten Chop Box, but I don’t stress about it.  PBS is easy to remember because it helps me wake up and stretch out the nighttime kinks.  OIP is fairly easy to do before bed without too much thought–although there have been nights I was so dog-tired I just fell into bed! ;)


And lest you despair that just doing a few moves won’t yield any results…here again is Debbie Davidson’s powerful testimony of “just” doing a few Hoedowns throughout a stressful time in her life!


Share your thoughts in the comments–do you have a “go-to” plan?   A set of basics that get done no matter what?


I’d love to hear from you–and I’m sure others would benefit from it, too!



Be sure to stay tuned–I am hoping to have the “surprise” I mentioned a few weeks ago ready for next T-Tapp Tuesday!  :D


T-Tapp Tuesday–Being Patient While You Heal

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

This is a continuation of what I discussed last in last week’s post, so if you didn’t catch that, here it is: Give It Time.


If you are battling any metabolic issues (insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, etc.), your body is going to focus on healing, not making you look good.


If you can hang on and be patient, giving it time, you will heal and you will lose.  I firmly believe and am living proof of Dr. Diana Schwarzbein’s motto: “You have to eat well to build well and feel well, and you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight!” (Or inches, as I like to say! ;) )


Being on the forums kept me going when I questioned why I slowed down or stalled.  When I had a question about form and no trainer nearby, the forums were a click away.  People there are SO helpful and patient and kind!  Everyone there is committed to everyone else’s success–not their own or “getting something off of you”.  You don’t have to spend one single dime to get help!   Of course, trainers are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD when you do need to invest in their services, but sometimes you feel like you have to put so much money into something before you really get any benefits from it.  Not with T-Tapp!


I actually learned about Dr. Schwarzbein through T-Tapp!  I also learned through the forums about backing off workouts when I was struggling with adrenal fatigue and actually had a little crash.  No one was telling me to do more more more.   Yes, of course I wanted to see more size loss (I was a snug size 10 at that point), but I wanted to feel well and not have to take 2 naps a day, too!


I backed way off, then was able to build back up to a decent workout schedule of one longer and 2 shorter workouts per week.  And I continued losing!


Shortly after that my mom unexpectedly passed away, and I had to back way off.  For several weeks, I didn’t even do a Primary Back Stretch!  Very slowly and sporadically I worked back into a very light routine.  Then in February it was like  switch went on and I was able to tackle more.


I still have adrenal fatigue–but I am proof positive that if you give it time, you can do it! AND you don’t have to do long workouts every other day to get results–but you do have to be more patient.  Sure, I could have pushed myself to do Total Workout every other day (EOD), but I think I would have crashed my adrenals sooner.  In fact, that is how I did crash them–too many workouts and not enough food–especially protein.  BAD combo!


I do 2 workouts a week with my classes, sometimes 3, then I focus on only 1-2 moves the other days, and these past few weeks, I’ve even had to back off from that.  But I am more confident than ever that I will still be able to pass certifications–because even though I’m not always doing the moves, I am thinking them through, mentally teaching them.


You might not be training to be a trainer, but if you can’t handle working out every day, you can still do a mental check on form.  Or just read up on a move or watch it on one of the dvds.   Take notes on what stands out to you.  Just because you can’t do a Total Workout doesn’t mean you’re doomed to not lose!    Your body needs time to heal, and you need to give it that time or it will take it (and you’ll be flat on your back not able to do anything!)


I know we are all busy and want a quick fix–but we didn’t mess up our metabolism overnight, and it won’t heal overnight either.   Give it time, and you will be rewarded–not just with a smaller size, but a healthier, stronger body and more energy as well!


If you’re not seeing results, and you have any metabolic issues–and quite honestly, most of us do– try backing off.  Evaluate that you are eating enough (I never count calories), split up Total Workout over 2-3 days, take days off in between, take more water and kick-out breaks….and see if maybe slowing things down and giving it more time might not be your ticket to success!


Remember–we’re in this journey for the long haul–so take your time, lay a good foundation, and you won’t have to backtrack from a detour! ;)


Give your body the time it needs to heal—and you will be grateful later!


Happy Tappin’!



T-Tapp Tuesday–A “Back to School” Giveaway!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

As promised, I’m going to have a giveaway!


But, also as promised, you’re going to have to work for it! ;)


The prize is a natural bristle skin brush from T-Tapp!



Dry skin brushing is great for exfoliating, detoxing, eliminating cellulite, and tightening the skin–think of it as “exercise” for the skin!


Now, for the “back to school” part!


Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes is a…well...fabulous book! :)


It has the moves from Total Workout–Basic Workout part is in chapter 4 and the rest of Total is in chapter 5.


I’ll admit, it is difficult to get the continuity from the book, but it’s doable!  Once you have done the Instructionals from the dvds and then the workout for awhile, you can revisit the book, and the form tips will click even better for you!


I honestly think every T-Tapper should reread it once a year, at least!


What I am doing, as a trainer-in-training, is to read and study a move or two, then practice “teaching” it as if I have people in front of me–cueing, spotting, talking it, and doing it myself, with good form –or at least a good attempt at it!


By doing this, I am really cementing the tips and tweaks in my brain to help me with my teaching and with my own form.


For instance, over and over I see “keep your shoulders back”, or shoulders “back in alignment with your hips” (ribs up!), and in one spot, “Keeping shoulders back in alignment with your hips will maximize your body’s ability to lose inches.”


Like anything else the more you do it and read about it, the more it “sticks”!


Teresa has built in many moves to help eliminate excess lactic acid, which helps reduce muscle soreness post-workout.


Most moves also deliver body sculpting, inch loss, cardiac conditioning and help develop a stronger core.


Form is a progressive thing.  As you get stronger, you can provide more resistance, which is like adding weights–without the weights!  You will get max results even though you never have to increase reps!



Don’t be deceived—sometimes moves can be seemingly simple, yet the results are BIG from head to toe!!


The best thing?  Even on time-crunched days, you can do a quick Primary Back Stretch and then a few moves, kind of a mini-max workout, and still lose inches and fat.


Start “studying” in chapters 4 and 5, look for the words I italicized above, and discover how less is more with T-Tapp!



First one to post the answer— page number AND the move(s) I’m referencing—gets the brush!


Now that’s a sweet deal!  ;)




T-Tapp Tuesday–Can I Really Maintain with 2 Workouts a Week?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I remember when I first heard that people could maintain their goal size with only 1-2 workouts per week.  Wow!  I couldn’t imagine!


Of course, I thought, that was probably two TOTAL workouts per week, the 50 minute one, not the shorter 15 minute Basic Workout Plus! ;)


I had seasons of being able to maintain where I was at (although not at goal!) with just 3 workouts per week—but not for an extended period of time.


Now that I am considered a Less-to-Lose (one size or less to lose–still boggles my mind that I am at this point!), I am finding that that thinking is not true.  I am not maintaining where I’m at with two workouts per week.


I’m continuing to lose! :D


I have two classes per week–Monday nights we do 4 reps of each of the moves in BWO+ and then I teach 1-3 moves from the second half of Total Workout, breaking it down a bit more for my class.


Then on Fridays I teach MORE.


Granted I am more activated as I am the trainer-in-training, and need to explain and demonstrate with good form for my class.  But I would not say I’m getting as much cardio and activation as if I were doing to Total Workouts!


A week or so ago, I also decided to do 1-2 moves a day in the morning from the second half of TWO, to practice for certifications.    Since I have adrenal issues, I really can’t do more workouts during the week–I could handle one, but I really  need to practice that second part of TWO.  I can’t do it 3 days a week, so I was in a quandary of how to do it when I thought of my “just 15 minutes” idea for decluttering.  I decided I could spend 15 minutes or so reading in Fit and Fabulous about a move, then do it (warming up first with Primary Back Stretch and Mitten Chop Box).


Imagine my surprise last week to lose 2 inches and another pound!!!!  As a Less-to-Lose, losing 2 inches in a week’s time is pretty huge!  And it was from all over!

I know with everyone starting up homeschooling, it can be hard to make time for workouts.  And if you are also canning, well, you know you have another busy month ahead of you!


But don’t throw the idea out just because you don’t have a whole 15 minutes to spend–doing Primary Back Stretch, Mitten Chop Box, and one other move maybe takes 5 minutes–6 max.  Add a Hoedown to it and you’re good to go for the day!  You’ve pumped some lymph to help move toxins and help get rid of sluggishness,  you’ve stretched your muscles and gotten into spinal alignment, and as a little bonus, you got some fat-burning going, too!


You also might find that you are able to focus on form more by isolating just a few moves, which will help you when to do get to your workouts.


Doing this really showed me how that when you understand muscle activation and get neurokinetically connected (muscles connected to the brain!), you really can get more benefit out of less time spent!


Now that’s efficiency I like! ;)