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Just a Little Light

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Our church had a cantata last night for the residents at the nursing home where we meet.  It has been a looonnngggg time since I was part of a choir, and I enjoyed it thoroughly!



Before we actually started I prayed that we would be a blessing to the residents and others who came.  Many of the residents at this facility have brain injuries or mental impairments…in many ways, “the least of these”.   I’ve been challenged lately by a book I’ve been reading where this couple was ministering in the garbage dump, where people actually lived–it was all they had.  Yet Jesus was “always enough”.



As I looked out at the different ones gathering, many familiar faces that come to our services each week, I thought that although I’m not ministering in a war-ravaged African country I can still give to others, and especially to those often forgotten during this time of year.



After the cantata, I asked a resident if he got some cookies that everyone had brought for fellowship time afterwards.   He assured me he did!  Then I asked him, “Did you enjoy it?”




He nodded, smiling, and said,  “Oh yes! I was so blessed!  So blessed!”



And I was, too!  :)



We can all be a light–even just a “little” light–to someone, pointing them to the Light of the World–Jesus!


May you enjoy your most precious blessings–Jesus and your family, and no matter what your situation, remember–He is always enough!




Just a Little Light




Timmy sat in Daddy’s chair, all slouched down and scuffing his feet on the floor. Mama looked at his face which showed he was obviously disappointed and trying not to cry.


“Mama? Why can’t 7 year olds go to the church propi’ty to help clean up today?”


“Timmy, the daddies and big boys are going to be doing more dangerous work today, using chainsaws and other equipment to try to move some of the big trees that fell in the storm. They just want to be extra careful and take no chances on someone getting hurt.”


“But I can help! Daddy even said I’m a big helper!”


Mama smiled. “Yes, you are! But it would be easy for a smaller child to go unseen and perhaps someone would cut a limb or something that would fall where they didn’t think someone was—and then they would be hurt badly.”


“I’d be extra, extra careful and listen to Daddy….” Timmy began.


Mama shook her head. “No, Timmy. It’s best to take no chances.”



“But then I can’t do anything!” Timmy growled and flopped over on his side so he didn’t have to look at Mama.


“Timmy, look at me,” Mama had come over to the recliner and kneeled down in front of it.




“Timothy David, please look at me now.” Mama said quietly.


Timmy knew when Mama got really quiet like that and used his full name, he had better listen!


He turned. “What, Mama.”


“Timmy, sometimes we don’t understand why we can’t do something big, when all along God is just asking us to be faithful in the little things.”


“But Mama! That’s fun and big work! I do all my chores with a happy heart at home!”


“All the time?”


Timmy looked down. “Well, not all the time. But most of the time!”


Mama smiled again. “Timmy, you do a really good job most of the time. I’m not talking so much of doing your chores here at home as looking for opportunities to let your light shine, even if they seem really small.”


Timmy looked puzzled. “Like what?”


“Like visiting with Mrs. Crawson after picking up her sticks and limbs, or raking her leaves. Or how about when you stop at Linley Brothers Hardware to talk to Hardware Jim about your newest project?”


Timmy looked up at Mama. “Mama, those are just little things. That’s not something big like cleaning up big limbs and trees and fixing things that were blown down in a storm.”


“No, Timmy, those are big things in the eyes of those people. Remember when Tina Lewis needed someone to take care of Buddy when they had to leave suddenly because her grandma wasn’t doing well?”


Timmy nodded. “But that was fun, Mama! I liked playing with Buddy!” He smiled.


“I know you did! Again, though, that was a big thing to Tina. If she had had to find a kennel to board Buddy, it would have wasted precious time that she was instead able to spend with her grandma before she went to Heaven.”


Timmy was thoughtful.


“But I still don’t see how that makes Jesus happier than the big things.”


“Well, remember when the lights went out during the storm, and Daddy had a hard time getting the generator going?”


Timmy nodded vigorously. “Yep!”


“What did we do until the generator started?”


“We got our flashlights and camping lanterns and candles!” Timmy was bouncing at the memory of the adventure!


“Yes, but what did we have first before we could find all those other things?”


Timmy laughed. “Jo-Jo’s little baby toy that lights up!” He was giggling at how they used this little baby toy, pushing the button and listening to it “sing” Mary Had a Little Lamb several times while they got the other flashlights and lanterns!


“But wasn’t it a welcome ‘light’, even if it was small?”


“Oh yes! I mean, we could have gotten to our flashlights, but I’ll bet we would have run into stuff on the way!” Timmy laughed.


“That’s right! So we were pretty happy to have Jo-Jo’s little Lambie-Pie, weren’t we?” Mama was laughing, too.


Timmy nodded…..then he stopped smiling.






“I get it! I get it now!” He was bouncing up and down again, smiling.


“You get what, Timmy?” Mama asked.


“I’m like Jo-Jo’s little Lambie-Pie, aren’t I?! I might be just a ‘little’ light, but to someone, I’m like that little toy, helping keep them from stubbing their toe in the dark or falling over something until they get a bigger light!”


Mama couldn’t hide the tears welling up in her eyes. “That’s right, Timmy! You are absolutely right!”


“And…..” he was thoughtful…. “As I practice being a good ‘little’ light, I will be a brighter big light when it’s time! Is that what you meant, Mama?”


She pulled him into a big hug. “Yes, Timmy! That’s exactly what I meant!”


Timmy hugged Mama, and then pulled back and looked up at her.


“Then Mama, I’m going to be the best little light I can, so when I grow up, I’ll be a lighthouse!”


Creative Giving, Life Happens, and a Story!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

First, an advertisement!



Cassia has put together an e-book, Creative Giving with Little Money, about how she was able to give 10 Christmas and birthday gifts last year for $17!   And that amount was actually spent on two of the gifts–the rest she got very creative with!   The book is available through the girls’ Etsy shop, Farmgirl Treasures.   If you’re stumped and need some inspiration, I think it would be just the thing.  Sometimes when we read of others’ creativity, it sparks some of our own!






You can tell when bloggers get quite busy–they don’t have time to update their blogs!  My girls have been busy, too, with some Christmas sewing–for others, not just their own!



Then add extra craziness of flooding basements, snowstorms, having some special visitors here for over a week (which we loved much more than having no electric and flooding basements!) and getting sick last week (that’s me)….well, life happening!



On top of all that I had decided to write this Advent Study.  I’m convinced it’s more for me than anyone else!  It’s been challenging and yet a deep joy to study the names of God during this time.  It has consumed me more than I thought it would, taken longer (and grown larger!) than I originally planned, yet, I have learned so much in the research and writing!   Interesting tidbits on Christmas hymn stories, how certain character qualities and even spices all go together with one of the names of Jesus…..just like homeschooling, the teacher often learns more!



Due to getting sick over the end of last week and the weekend, I am behind…again!


But I’ve learned with the Lord, there is never really “behind”, whether it’s your Bible reading or working on a project. Sometimes things beyond your control happen, and it’s better to enjoy the detour and the journey than to fuss about the timetable!



As my gift to you, my blog readers (if you’re still out there!), I wanted to share a few stories from the Advent book, His Name Shall Be Called.   I’m sharing one today, and I will probably share one or two more over the next week before Christmas.



I hope you enjoy the stories, and hopefully in a few weeks I can get back to a “regular” schedule–whatever that is! ;)



A Special Baby



Talia tried to keep busy about her work. Her mind was definitely not on her sweeping and mopping! Today would be the day, her mother had assured her. She could hardly wait! And yet, there was a hint of danger, too. She knew that they must keep the young woman’s identity a secret, for there were those who would want to harm her and her soon-to-be born baby.



She looked up at the sun climbing in the sky. It was a beautiful but brisk fall day, with a crisp coolness in the air. The leaves had turned their bounty of colors, standing against the sky like guards with colorful uniforms. She loved to breathe in the fresh, tangy air—she loved days like this!



Suddenly her mother was calling her name—it was time!



Quickly she ran to make sure the water buckets were full, in case they needed to heat extra water. Then she washed her own hands thoroughly before getting all the cloths together for her mother. She put a small cloth into the cool water and wrung it out, then gently laid it on the young woman’s forehead, just as her mother had done for so many years for the local women. Her mother had said to just pretend this was one of the peasant ladies, so that Talia wouldn’t be nervous and forget what to do.



She was still too young to have a big part, but she could run and fetch things for her mother, get more cool clothes or run to get the other midwife if needed. Thankfully, it was not needed and it wasn’t long before the sweet cry of a newborn baby boy broke the calm afternoon silence.



Talia could do more now, getting broth for the young mother to help strengthen her, get the herbs for her mother as she made a tea for the young woman. She helped clean up and was even privileged to hold the baby for a bit! Ah, life! Whether rich or poor, a newborn baby is such a wondrous thing!



They would keep the young woman and her sweet son there as their guests until it was safe again. Hopefully that would be soon, when the King returned victoriously. Until then, they would keep his son safe and healthy.



As Talia held him, she thought of how this tiny baby would grow up and rule over her someday. She prayed for him, that he would be strong and true as his father, as well as a gentle and caring ruler. Their kingdom had such hope in their present King. They had longed for a just ruler for so long! Now to have his infant son in their care gave her a sense of responsibility along with wonder and awe.



You were born to be a king, little one! I will follow you with all my heart, for I know that you will rule in love and graciousness as your father!”