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Counting My Blessings–Family Vacation

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I have been blessed since I last posted for counting my blessings!  Just haven’t taken the time….and that needs to change!  I should always take time to count the many blessings–the “benefits” God loads me with–daily!  (Psalm 68:19 )


We were on vacation this past week–and I am so grateful for many things!


We originally planned to camp at Silver Lake, MI.  When we made reservations for the campsites, we found out that since we have 3 daughters over 18, and there were already “so many” of us, we had to reserve two campsites.


Even though we have one camper, and we would all be in it.


Even though we honestly wouldn’t use the other campsite!  At.All.


I do understand there is a reason for rules like this, but it did seem a bit over-the-top!   Added to that, we would have to pay an entrance fee daily.  Per vehicle.  We always need to take two vehicles because the van can’t pull our camper safely.


I have to admit my attitude was not very grateful at the time! :P


But we all came around to accept it– it is what it is!   So with renewed zest, we planned our vacation!


The Wednesday before we were to leave, a few of us happened to be at a friend’s, and one of the girls had shared about our camping plans.    As we were getting ready to leave, our friend waited until the last of the girls went on out, then proceeded to offer their lake cottage to us!!!


To say I was floored would be an understatement! :D


He showed me pictures of the “cottage”….





Truly a delightful place!


We were beyond grateful for this precious gift, so close to Lake Michigan and about the same distance to another lake near Holland, MI.   I could sit in this lovely sunroom and watch the sunrise over Lake Macatawa:





(The rocker in the right corner was “my” spot!)


The whole cottage was decorated simply, yet with beauty that fed the heart.









With beautiful porches and balconies….














And a very short walk to Lake Michigan!



Where children (and Daddy and Mommy!) could walk in the sand and along the cold, but refreshing waters….










Make “sand angels”! ;)





Play tag with the waves….




“Surf” on an old board that washed up….



Or just hang out with some of your “best friends”!







Bury your children in the sand?!




Do “school” (sandwriting!)….



And build sand castles (engineering and architecture)!





Watch a sailboat


Listen to the surf crash up onto the shore–don’t you love the blue, blue water and sky?



Peek at something wonderful, just around the corner….




Watch sunsets over Lake Michigan (sigh…..)










Counting my blessings:


13.  A vacation

14. Beautiful gift of the cottage from dear friends!

15. Quiet times on the sunporch

16. Watching the sun rise over Lake Macatawa

17. Beauty to feed the soul

18. Porches and balconies for sitting, relaxing and dreaming

19. Lovely walk to the beach

20. The beach!

21. Lake Michigan

22. Walks along the water (and sometimes IN the water!)

23. Watching the children enjoy the sand, sun and water

24. Helping them dig and having fun with them

25. Fresh air

26. Watching sailboats on the blue waters

27. Watching sunsets over Lake Michigan

28. Spending time with friends

29. Eating ice cream every day! :)

30. Seeing God’s beauty in His nature

31. Rest

32. Good weather!


And the best blessing of all–



33. Spending time with family!





Thank You, Lord, for Your many, many blessings this past week!




Counting My Blessings

Monday, July 25th, 2011


1. A cool overcast day to pick blueberries

2. 60 lbs. of blueberries picked–about halfway! :)

3. A beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly on pink wildflowers

4. Fragrant, pink wild roses growing along the ditch

5. Sweet blueberries to taste as we pick

6. Children enjoying the “tunnels” the blueberry bushes make

7. Memories of picking here for 10+ years

8. Feet getting drenched with the dew

9. Finding the jewel weed

10. My 12 year old daughter saying she’s glad she was born into this family, and…

11. …that she always wants to live close to me (are there any rewards greater than this?!)

12. God’s sign of Promise










May you find His symbol of promise in the smallest details of your life today


count your many blessings!