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And the Winner Is……

Sunday, November 8th, 2009



Thank you EVERYONE for your wonderful entries!  It was so nice to read all your sweet comments and how many of you are going to start a Gratefulness Journal for your husbands or daddies!  You will bless them incredibly! 

I wish you ALL could have won!

I want to remind you that there are  wonderful resources at Revive Our Hearts–you can sign up for 30 Day Challenges, and two of them are a Gratefulness Challenge and a Husband Encouragement Challenge!  You will get an e-mail each day focusing on another aspect of gratefulness and encouragement.  I highly recommend them!    You can find them here.

Here are two more wonderful resources at Revive Our Hearts:

A Prayer for Women by Pastor John Piper

Characteristics of a Meek and Quiet Spirit

One more—this is available as a booklet, which I recommend you get one and keep it with your Bible to read through every day.   It has 28 Scriptures with self-examination questions in the first part, and it has 32 statements in the back part covering three categories of building your home up, or tearing it down–Attitudes, Words, Actions.  This lends itself very nicely to going through it in a month, reading one of the sections in the first part, then reading one set of statements in the second part (doubling up on the last day)!   I’ve been doing this for 10 years now (my cover has come off!) and it has helped me tremendously in focusing on what God would have me be as a woman whose heart is stayed upon Him, as well as what I call "True Heart Submission".

A Biblical Portrait of Womanhood

May these resources help you as you strive to be a Godly woman who is a blessing to the men in her life!

Again, thank you ALL for entering!

And another surprise……

Tomorrow I will have a second giveaway!  

See you in the morning! 


A “Grateful” Giveaway!

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Note:  This post will remain at the top for the remainder of the week.  Please scroll down for any new posts.

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You all are doing great!)


Newest Post:  Gratefulness, Continued!




It’s finally here!  My first giveaway!  



November is the month of Thanksgiving–which seems to get swallowed up between Halloween and Christmas at the stores—and just as well.   Heaven help us all if they figure out a way to commercialize Thanksgiving!  



So for this giveaway, we will focus on being thankful!



I am giving away a triangular knit shawl made from Lion Brand Homespun yarn in the color "Baroque".










It is plenty wide enough and long enough to wrap up your shoulders and arms on a coolish morning while you have your quiet time, or maybe on a cool evening while reading blogs on the computer!  



Along with the shawl is a lovely bound blank journal (and a pen–not pictured!) so you can create your own gratefulness journal!






But this isn’t "just" a gratefulness journal.



About 9 years ago I was challenged to start a Gratefulness Journal about my husband.   A place where I would write down the things I was thankful for in him.   Now at first, that was easy.  But you can only say, "He’s such a good husband/father/provider, etc." so many times!   It has been good for me to really think specifically what I am grateful for.



And to be honest, the times when I was a bit upset at him were the very times I needed to be writing in that journal….and I did!  It’s amazing how quickly a "big issue" gets scaled down to less-than-a-minor-glitch when you start focusing on what you have to praise God for in your mate!



I had misplaced the journal when we packed up our room for the remodeling, but I’m on a mission to find it and pick up where I left off!



And I challenge you, my readers, even if you don’t win this journal, to get one and start it.



"Oh, but I’m not married", you say?



You’re not off the hook either!   A young lady can write what she is grateful for in her father, and even her brothers!   It will be a good practice to be in so when you do marry, you’ll have a head start on "looking for the good"!  



And if you are a single mom for whatever reason, you can give thanks for perhaps a Godly woman who is your mentor, or for God Himself–specifically how He is helping you as you look to Him to be your all.



How to enter:




1.  Tell me one thing you are grateful for today about your husband (or daddy, etc.).    It can be about his character, something wonderful he’s done, how he’s weathered a trial, his quiet steady support….


2. Tell three friends about this giveaway and let me know that you did.


3. Post about the giveaway and link back here on your blog or facebook or twitter or whatever else is out there that I am so-not-savvy-about!     Just let me know that you did!


4. Tell me that you are going to start a Gratefulness Journal for your husband (or daddy).   And please DO IT!  If you want to wait to see if you win this lovely journal, that’s fine, but MAKE SURE YOU DO IT!  It will be an incredible blessing to you, and if/when you choose to share it with your husband or daddy, it will certainly bless him as well!


This giveaway runs from today, Monday, November 2, through Saturday, November 7, at midnight.    I will let Random.org pick the winner and announce it (hopefully!) on Sunday, November 8!



You may enter as many times as you like!   If, for example, you enter today, you will tell me one thing you are grateful for in your husband or daddy, etc., then maybe tell me you told three friends and posted about it on your blog.


If you happen to twitter about it tomorrow, and you want to come tell me, you must tell me another thing you are grateful for in your husband or daddy, etc.!   Does that make sense?  For each day that you comment about something you did, you also share something you’re grateful for!   And it counts each time you do it–as long as it’s not the same thing!


And please, no generic "He’s a good husband/daddy/provider"!   I want specifics! 



Happy "Thanksgiving"! 


IT’S HERE! (Well, sort of…. : )

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Oh, I wish aj was right!  A new baby would be wonderful!




But alas, that’s not it!




Jennifer hit it—





Why should my daughters have all the fun?!   Although I won’t be doing FIVE giveaways,   I thought I could do at least ONE!   


So, THAT is what IT is!

Well, but WHAT am I giving away?

You’ll have to check back Monday to see!   



I will give you a hint to help prepare you……BE THANKFUL!  



It’s Coming…..

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Something neat is coming here……..




At least I think it is neat….




And others have told me it is….



What is it?!




Stay tuned!