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One Year Later…..

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I can’t help but think that I was driving home a year ago.  That at about 11:00, Jessica called me, telling me Mom sounded funny.

That 10 minutes later, as I entered her apartment, I knew she was gone.

So many firsts, and the hardest ones were Christmas and her birthday, just 2 weeks ago.  We never know, do we, how short our time might be?

Many people ask me what I’m doing for Mother’s Day.   My beautiful daughters will make me a wonderful, yummy lunch and lemon meringue pie….which my mom also loved.

And I will remember her, and try to write down what I remember that isn’t written down already, and try to live by a quote I read by Crystal Paine:

“Don’t let another priceless moment slip through your fingers because
you are ‘too busy’. While you have the time, take the time.”

I miss her….her messages are still on my answering machine.  And I wear her ring nearly every time I leave the house.

God has been so good, to encourage my heart (like sending cards from Heaven!) , giving me a Scripture or quote to comfort me, and to hold me when I cry.

And the greatest Mother’s Day gift I could receive, is if you would read this post from a year ago, and make time for your mom.

Please do.

You’ll be so very glad you did.

HUGS to you and your mom, from me.