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T-Tapp Tuesday–A PBS Special!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I was going to post about plateaus, but I thought I’d post about where I was and what I was doing last weekend!

PBS (Public Broadcasting, not Primary Back Stretch!) decided to film a documentary on T-Tapp. I was one of many chosen to be a part of the filming! Each of us was interviewed and then we participated as the “audience” for Teresa teaching a workout, doing 10 sets of Hoedowns (I think I did 8–the cameramen were filming someone behind me and if I did the Hoedown I would have bopped them! ;) )

I have to preface this by saying–I haven’t flown in 15 years! I was not fond of the idea, and tried to talk dh into making it an “anniversary weekend” and driving down! It was only 22 hours! :D

Thankfully my dear friend Rhonda was also chosen, and she has flown more than me (but is also nervous about it). I drove down to Indianapolis the night before to stay at her house so I wouldn’t have to leave at 4 in the morning!

We got through security with no problems (God had a sweet “angel” TSA agent there who comforted us!), and boarded the little plane. We had a bit of turbulence on the way to Cleveland, where we had a 2 hour layover. It wasn’t too bad! Had a little lunch and then boarded a much bigger plane for the 2 1/2 hour trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

After we got in we just stayed in our room and chatted a bit, then went down for some supper. There was an absolutely wonderful “totally decadent chocolate torte” which was yummy!

There was a “meet and greet” later where we intermingled with other T-Tappers “chosen” by PBS for this special. Lisa Moretti gave us some hints for our interviews–several of the ladies had already been interviewed Thursday.

Up early the next morning (I’ve been memorizing Matthew 6:33 and I woke up at 6:33 a.m. both Friday and Saturday!) and we boarded a bus to take us all over to the station. It was a “hurry up and wait” day, but I was fine with that! It gave us all time to sit and visit while waiting! ;)

The staff there at the station provided a breakfast of fresh fruit, croissants, bagels, cream cheese and various pastries. I ate just a little bit until after my interview. I really wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be–Lisa did my interview, and I’m sure it helped to have someone I already knew do that!

Lunch was also provided–chicken, black beans and rice, salad and plantains. Another yum!

After lunch we waited some more ;) and several of the trainers worked with us to warm up and get ready for the workout portion of the filming. Then we went into a smaller-than-you’d-think studio, where they arranged us by height and color of our outfits so we didn’t clash nor have too many pinks in a row! Teresa was amazing as always–no matter how many times I hear her, I always learn something! I felt a bit odd without my trusty notebook with me to take notes!

The crew wanted to get some footage of us doing Hoedowns, so we did a “Hoedown Showdown” of sorts, for SIX minutes! (That translates into about 10 Hoedowns, in case you wanted to know!) Sweet Edwina is having knee surgery soon, so she did hers in a chair! She is such a trooper (and an absolutely delightful lady!). She was the one the cameramen were filming so I could get a “break” from a few Hoedowns! HaHa!

The next item on the agenda was to film us sitting and listening to Mary Shomon (thyroid patient advocate) share her talk. I always learn something each time I hear her, too! She did a great job.! Teresa followed her giving a mini “Yes You Can” type talk. After that we were done!

I heard many comments by the cameramen, crew, and even the producers that we did great–no one needed a second take! Charlotte Siems said it well–we are all passionate about T-Tapp, and T-Tapp itself helps us be confident and comfortable with who we are.

As we came out of the station building, I saw this gorgeous Florida sunset–just had to snap a picture!

That evening Teresa had arranged a catered dinner for us–oh, yummy some more! Good thing we did those Hoedowns! I had salad, salmon, mashed potatoes and raspberry white chocolate cheesecake!!!

Lisa had a surprise for Teresa! During the morning of “waiting” she had a small scrapbook and asked us each to write a note to Teresa, leaving space for a picture. It was lovely and Teresa was defnintely surprised! (I’m sorry that none of my pictures of that occasion turned out very well–all are a bit fuzzy!)

And of course, here is Berei–beautiful at 83 years young! We all want to grow up to be like Berei!!!

The next morning we got to sleep in…except my inner “alarm” awoke again at 6:33. I had a wonderful almond granola parfait for breakfast. It was huge! I ate most of it, but couldn’t finish it all!

We all met upstairs in a small ballroom for a Master Class with Teresa–her thank you to us for coming! We really enjoyed this time with her, and as usual, I took several pages of notes! There are many workouts “in the works”, Senior Fit among them. That one should come out soon! Teresa’s father recently passed away, so she’s had other things on her mind than finishing dvd production.

After the Master Class we all stood around and talked–then found out the restaurant was closing at 2:00!!! We hurried down there and sat together and had lunch….and lots of talking, stories, laughing, sharing. It was wonderful! We finally got out around 5:00–the poor restaurant crew needed to get ready for their supper rush! :)

One of the ladies lives in northern Florida and had driven down, so a few of us went with her down to the beach. I had seen the gulf side, and of course had seen the Atlantic at Cape Hatteras last fall in North Carolina, but it was neat to see the Atlantic coast from Florida!

We walked along the beach for a bit, picking up a few shells and some sand for “souvenirs”. Then the sun was setting and I saw these trees beautifully silhouetted against the sky.

Before we left the beach, Margaret had written T-Tapp in the sand! It was dark, so it doesn’t show up as well with the flash, but I think you can make it out!

Rhonda and I left early Sunday morning (which also happened to be my 28th wedding anniversary!). I saw this gorgeous sunrise through the trees as I left the hotel.

Wish I could have been at the beach to see the sunrise!

It was a very fun time, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it! Hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into my weekend!

Keep on Tappin’!

Wordless Wednesday–Warm Memories

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010