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If God Can Do This, Can’t He Also Do That?!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Well, it was the fuel pump.  A rare fuel pump.  Do you know what the word rare means, in connection to anything costing money?

It means it’s more expensive!  *sigh*

Tomorrow we can pick up the van, with its new yet rare fuel pump!

So, if God can get us to just the right spot to “break down”, can He not also provide for the broken part to be fixed?!

I think He can!   To be honest, to me, financial provision pales in comparison to all He did to get us to that “just right spot” for a breakdown!

God is good and what He does is good–ALL of the time!  (Whether we see it or not!  After all, at least the part wasn’t so rare that it isn’t made anymore!!!!  :D )

What is going on in your life, that viewed through the “normal” lens, doesn’t seem so good–yet seen through the “Goodness of God” lens, you can see Him in or through it?

Please comment and share!   And hugs to you on this journey called Faith!!!

The Goodness of God

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Yesterday started out to be a great day!  We actually got around and out the door early, on our way to being at church early!


It was a good thing we had that extra half hour….

Our church is a little over an hour away, meeting in a nursing home.  We have a fellowship meal and informal afternoon service about twice a month in a building that is a quarter of a mile away from the nursing home.  Yesterday was a “meal” Sunday.

We usually drop our food off first, then head to the nursing home.  Just as we drove into the drive where the building for the afternoon service is, the van engine died!

Dallas was able to get it pulled into another drive, out of the way.  He tried to get it started again.  No go!

Thankfully, many other families drop their food off, too, so we were able to get our food transported to the building and then get us transported to the nursing home via a few vehicles! 

After church, three families ferried us back over, and several men helped Dallas try to figure out what was wrong.

Just a short while later, he came in and said it wouldn’t even offer to start.   There is concern it could be the fuel pump.   One of the men knew of a mechanic nearby, so they called over there and one of the men happened to be there.  They were able to get a towing strap and truck and tow the van over there, and they will look at it today.

We finished having dinner and the afternoon service, and then another of the men graciously offered to take us home.  Remember, there are eleven of us!  That meant this gentleman had to take his family home first (half an hour the other way), come back to get us, then take us all the way home, then go all the way back to his home!

We are so very grateful for God’s goodness!   Haven’t heard yet what they think the problem is, but there are some very wonderful blessings I can think of, that it happened when and where it did!

~It was a “meal” Sunday.  Otherwise, only two of the 20 or so families in our church would have been going that way, and may or may not have seen us.

~It didn’t happen somewhere else along the 75 miles to church!

~It didn’t happen Friday night when I was on my way home from that city after dark!

~It didn’t happen somewhere on our 5,200 mile trip out East!!!

As Dallas shared in our afternoon “praise and prayer” time, “I’m grateful we broke down in a convenient place!”  ;)

Of course, we’re praying it’s not an expensive fix!   But God has already shown His great goodness to us!   I can just imagine Him dispatching a few angels to keep the van running and…

“Okay, guys, they’re in a good place now!  You can let go!”   :D

May you look for and find His blessings today!