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Prayer Watch 2010

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Starting tonight through Sunday morning, more than 80 leaders of major prayer organizations will be meeting at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.   They are meeting specifically to fast, worship and pray for “preparation”.   Here is a quote from PrayerWatch2010.com:

“Sixty-Six (66) hours of teaching, prayer, praise, worship and fasting – sponsored by America’s National Prayer Committee. For the first time in history, the foremost teachers on prayer will be gathered at one place to unite the nations in Solemn Assembly for Prayer Watch 2010. Thousands will assemble from across the globe for this special event and millions more via Internet streaming video. Don’t miss it! Make plans now to be part of this mountain-moving prayer gathering.”

We have been blessed by IHOP’s ministry (Mike Bickle) as well as Every Home for Christ (Dick Eastman), and those are just two of the leaders who will be speaking throughout this time.  IHOP has had a 24/7/365 prayer room that has been going for TEN years!   Many of these other ministries have something similar, and this move to come together for specific prayer is a first.

It’s interesting because one of the things the Lord impressed upon me to pray for during my Daniel Fast last spring was unity among believers.  I’m not talking about a “let’s just overlook everything in the name of unity” type of thing, but putting aside minor issues to come together for prayer and evangelization.

I pray that you will consider praying along with these leaders and perhaps even participate via the livestreaming online.

May we realize what a great privilege we have to pray and intercede for others, and  to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Just to let you know, Kansas City, MO, is in Central Time Zone)