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T-Tapp Tuesday–Look Out Girls!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Sometimes, you just need a bit of inspiration.


You need to see that a “normal” person can make this work while balancing family life, homeschooling, cooking meals, taking care of parents—life!


Remember–I did 80% shorter workouts.  MORE, Basic Workout Plus (or variations), Step Away the Inches, or Total Workout split up.   15-25 minutes, with most of them 20 minutes or less.


I didn’t work out for hours a day, neither did I always do 6 workouts a week.  The first year or two I would work out 4-6 days per week–but I didn’t have a lot of 6 days-per-week times.  So an average is probably more 4-5.


And I had several times where I couldn’t work out due to either health issues (adrenals, miscarriage) or other “life” interruptions (my dad’s death, sick kids, mom’s death).  The longest period of time I couldn’t work out was actually a year ago after my mom unexpectedly passed away.  The first 7 weeks were maybe 1-2 workouts per week, then I had 7 weeks of no workouts at all.   Even for the next 3-4 months it was more sporadic than consistent.  Yes, I gained a few sizes back, but I stayed connected to the T-Tapp forums and I knew I was “coming back” when I could.


I’m not sure that I ever posted my “before picture” here:






That was me nearly 5 years ago.   I was attending a 16th birthday party of a friend’s daughter and they took pictures of each family that attended.



I hated that picture!



But without it, I would never have proof that I was a size 22W at one time.



Wearing mainly maternity clothes because nothing else would fit.



And having people ask me, 4 months post-partum, when my baby was due!  :(

(That’s where I was at in that picture–Isaiah was almost 4 months old!)



There were times when I didn’t “see” much change, even with inch loss.   Sometimes I’d lose a size but it didn’t seem to really change the way I looked (and I still had people asking me when my baby was due!)



But I could look at this picture, maybe take another and place them side-by-side, and I could see changes in the pictures that didn’t even seem to show on the tape measure.    Like when I realized how my forearms looked smaller.   Who measures their forearms?! ;)



I highly encourage you, no matter how much you hate it, to take pictures along the way.   At first you may not see much change, but then you may notice your posture is better.   Or maybe a slimming in your hips or arms…or forearms! :D



And then, one day, when you’ve lost 9 sizes, you can put a picture like this in your progress album:





That is my 18 year old daughter’s jumper!



Look out, Girls!   Mommy is about to raid your closets!  :lol:



As trainer Charlotte Siems says, time will go by whether you work out or not–you might not be at your goal size in a year, but if you don’t work out at all……you won’t be any closer, either.



Keep on keepin’ on--Keep On Tappin’!





T-Tapp Tuesday–The Power of Short Workouts

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

In my studies for my Certified Fitness Trainer exam, I’ve had to learn a lot about weight training.  Now, my experience with a gym was limited to once about 30 years ago when I was the “friend” for “Bring a Friend Night”!

If I would have had to depend on going to a gym and doing weight training to get fit and lose weight/inches, I would not be where I am right now!  I just didn’t have time for that, nor any inclination, either!

One thing doing this study has shown me, though,  is how many people are conditioned to think that they must work out for 1 1/2 hours to do any good.  I remember reading something our county Extension Homemakers office sent out that claimed you need 90 minutes of exercise to lose and 60 minutes to maintain!!!  Oh, HELP!



I think I could count on two fingers the times I worked out for 1 1/2 hours!  Well, in the beginning it took me that long to do the short 15 minute Basic Workout Plus (BWO+) because I was doing it from the book!  LOL!

But in all seriousness, I went back through my 4 years of records and 80% of my workouts were shorter ones.

Yes, you read that right!

EIGHTY percent were BWO+, Basic Tempo, MORE, SATI (Step Away The Inches), the Total Workout broken up or maybe Hit the Floor now and then.  NONE of those are over 30 minutes, with most at 15-20!

For breaking up Total Workout (TWO), you can do one of three things:

1. Simply cut the reps down to 4. 

You will be surprised how you can focus on form doing this! This is what I’m doing now to help prepare for teaching it.  Takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on how long your water breaks are! ;)

2. Split TWO over two days:

Day 1–PBS through Airplanes

Day 2–Do PBS, then Thread the Needle to the end

These each would take roughly 25 minutes.

3. Split TWO over three days:

Day 1–BWO+

Day 2–PBS, then Lunges through Airplanes (or Runner’s Stretch)

Day 3–PBS, then Thread the Needle to the end (or Arms to end)

These take 15-20 minutes each.

Obviously, you do not have to exercise 90 minutes daily to lose!  In fact, that is a good way to overtrain and actually stall inch loss!

The beauty of T-Tapp is that it is doable–three big factors draw most people in:

1. NO jumping or stress on knees and joints

2. NO equipment needed

3. Can be done in 15 minutes a day!

Add to that that your body becomes its own resistance “machine”, so you never have to do more than 8 repetitions!

What more could you want?!  All for a cost much cheaper than a gym or Curves, and you get unlimited help from the T-Tapp forums as well as the office!  (Friendly help, too, I might add! ;) )

You can take the T-Tapp form principles and apply them to sneaking moves in throughout the day and/or your favorite workouts other than T-Tapp, including walking. 

How often did I work out?  At the beginning it varied from 4-6 times per week.  I would go for some spurts of 6 weekly, then life would happen and I might get in 4.  But consistency is the main key–do something consistently!

In fact, Dan Wiley, a T-Tapp trainer, often posts that T-Tapp’s “proven formula” is based on three things:

1. Proper form (to your best ability)

2. Isometric contraction (tightening and going to your max–and that progresses,  


3. Consistency!

If you have the first two but aren’t consistent, then you may not see the results you want!

And if you are consistent, but not focused, that also might not yield the results you seek!

The next three weeks I will be addressing each of these steps to the “proven formula”.

Lest you think I’m just some anomaly, that short workouts won’t work for everyone, let me direct you to three  great posts on Charlotte Siems’ blog (you know, the mom of 12 who lost 9 sizes?  And became a T-Tapp trainer in her spare time?! :D  ):




Until next week–Keep on Tappin’! ;)