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T-Tapp Tuesday–Lots of Goodies!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

SO much to share today!  :)

First of all, the meaty stuff–it will be a bit shorter and sweeter since there are a few other things I want to tell you about ( including the give-away!).

I posted a little while back about the importance of Ribs Up (shoulder/hip alignment).  Now I’m going to give you a little “try it out” to see what I mean.  We did this last night in our class.

First, get into the “plie stance”, feet shoulder width apart, toes out to 11 and 1 on the clock (if you have knee issues, bring the toes forward a bit).  Bend, tuck/curl that core (flatten lower back as if against a wall, pulling belly button to spine), lift ribs, knees out.

Now reach away with your arms, straight out from your shoulders, as if someone is pulling your arms out of their sockets–really r-e-a-c-h!   Turn your hands so they are facing forward, thumbs up.  Gently fold your fingers over, and gently stretch the thumb up.   Now reach away again.

Keep everything tight tight tight!   Stay very focused and lift your ribs a bit more.   You should feel some extra tightening in your triceps, lats, pecs, tummy area, and along the outside of hips and thighs!

You might not be totally connected kinetically to feel that on the first time.  Go ahead! Do it several times, focusing on a different muscle group each time!

Now you have a “hands on” (or is that “muscles on”?!) example of how keeping the ribs up can help you activate all the way from triceps to quads!  ;)

If you have a mirror, why not do a few moves in front of the mirror this week, specifically focusing on keeping ribs up and shoulders back in alignment with the hips?

More fun stuff!

PBS has put out a “sizzle reel” of what they’re going to be showing for their August fund-raising.  This is what I flew to Ft. Lauderdale for back in February!

You can click here to go to the YouTube clip, and if you pause it at about the 27 second mark, look to the right of the screen and you’ll see Marty in a blue shirt–and he has a perfect “heart” sweat mark on his shirt!  We teased him about “sweating hearts” because he loved T-Tapp so much! :)

(Do realize you will see everyone in workout gear, just to advise you! )

T-Tapp will be offering some tremendous deals for the PBS fundraiser, so see if your local station will be carrying this promo and you might be able to purchase T-Tapp products for a steal of a deal that won’t be available anywhere else!

Okay, now for the really fun stuff!

I am having a giveaway–actually I will have giveaways for the next FOUR weeks, leading up to my birthday in June! 

For this week, the prize is a Step Away the Inches dvd!

Now, how to enter!

1. Leave a comment and tell me which T-Tapp workout is your favorite (if you don’t T-Tapp yet, which one you would like to get).

2. Leave a comment each time you do a T-Tapp workout (yes, TappCore counts–at least 3 moves–so even you busy young mamas can enter! ;) )  Let me know what workout you did (or which moves!).

3. Tell others about the giveaway–FaceBook, Twitter, e-mail, blog, forum (if appropriate–don’t violate any forum rules!)  Let me know you did and post a link, if applicable (I don’t have FB, but I have friends who do! ;) )  You can do this up to 3 times a day if you so desire!

4. Practice the “exercise” I gave you for ribs up every day this week (you can take Sunday off).  On a workout day do it before you work out, and on off days do it at least once.  Post that you “did the Ribs Up Exercise”.

5. This one counts DOUBLE!   Tell me what you’d like me to address in future T-Tapp Tuesday posts.   If you have a big list (LOL!) just one entry per day on this one, please! :)

This giveaway will run until midnight Monday, May 30.  I will announce the winner next Tuesday as well as what the next giveaway is!

And Fabulous Family Friday will be back–Lord willing!–this Friday. 

Happy Tappin’!  ;)