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T-Tapp Tuesday–A Mind-SOUL-Body Workout

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Teresa often says T-Tapp is a mind-body workout.  There is no music because there’s too much to stay focused on!  In fact, some people don’t like T-Tapp precisely because they like to “zone out” while working out.



But you can’t do that with T-Tapp! ;)



It takes focus because getting the right stance, keeping position, keeping your tuck/curl and ribs up all take concentration.     Sure you can expend energy not thinking about the moves, but you won’t get max muscle activation, and therefore, not max benefits.



The benefits are not only for the body, losing inches and getting healthier because you’re opening up all the nerve transmissions and establishing brain to body connections (yes, they’re already connected, but sometimes the messages aren’t getting through too well!), and not only for clearer thinking, but for better living emotionally and spiritually as well.



My T-Tapp journey has been nearly 5 years.    I set out, like so many others, to lose some sizes and stay flexible.  Along the journey, I’ve also improved my stamina, gotten my sluggish lymphatic system moving (evidenced by a lump under my armpit that disappeared!), am sleeping better and have more balanced hormones.   But what has been amazing to me is how this journey has helped me feel better about myself–not in a narcissistic way, but to be comfortable with who I am and where I am, instead of always wishing for the next “milestone”.



Even more, it has helped me spiritually.  We are three dimensional beings— body, soul and spirit.  You really can’t just take one component out and deal with it to the exclusion of the other two.  What you are feeling emotionally will affect you spiritually and physically.  What you are going through physically will affect your emotional and spiritual life.



What the Lord has done for me, and yes, through an exercise program :) is to uncover lies that I believed.



Lies that paralyze me.  Lies that keep me from the LIFE Jesus died to give to me!



He didn’t just die so I could have eternal life in Heaven “someday”.  He died to restore my relationship with my Abba Father, so I could experience the fullness of life here as well….in His love.



I have related more to God as my Abba Father in the past 8 months than the 32 years prior of being a Christian!  I could relate to Jesus and the Holy Spirit….but God as Father was harder for me to relate to.  The enemy likes to attack our view of God as Father the most!



You might think this is kind of irrelevent to exercise!   But I assure you, it’s not.



I had a lot of inconsistency in the months following my mom’s sudden death in May of 2010.  I was wrestling with God about His timing in taking her Home.  Finally, 9 months later, I decided it was time to quit arguing with Him about it (I know, that looks so silly in print, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who tries to argue with God about something He has decided was better than my puny plans!).   I was able to start being consistent again with my workouts.  What a coincidence, eh? ;)



Fast forward to early August of 2011.  The Lord uncovered what I call a “dead spot” in my heart— an area I had closed off to Him and hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t totally dealt with it.  It was over a miscarriage almost 22 years ago!  I had had a hard time releasing that one emotionally, but thought I’d dealt with it.  But I actually walled off a part of my heart.  Not that I wasn’t close to the Lord or didn’t have joy— in fact, it was one of those situations where you don’t know how bound you are until you are free!



I totally gave it all to Him and it was amazing how much more vibrant life was!  Now, I’m a pretty expressive person and like to live life to the hilt as it is!  But it was just…different.  Like I said, I didn’t know how “dead” that part was until it was made alive again!



And amazingly, I can look back to that point and see that my body has done a lot of reshaping since.  Seriously!  Oh, yes, eating better helps, as does consistent workouts, but there was a noticeable change.   I don’t fully understand it (we are fearfully and wonderfully made!) but I truly believe that often when we are “holding onto” something— be it a hurt, a grudge, or holding back so we don’t get hurt— that our bodies may “hold onto” things as well.



This isn’t just about “getting smaller”, but also total health.  I know we can’t make an idol of health, but we’re to be good stewards of our bodies.   If we can become healthier by letting go—of hurts, bitterness, “dead spots” of not trusting God– then why not do so?



I feel my nearly 5 years of T-Tapp have helped to bring me to this point.  By working on the physical–discipline to do the workouts, losing inches, gaining health; and then by dealing with the emotional (which led to much of my wrong eating); it’s only natural that the Lord would also deal with the spiritual part as well.  By uncovering the lies I’ve believed for far too long, I can release the emotional and spiritual “gunk”, and I believe it allowed my body to release some physical “gunk” as well!



I know that may sound strange at first, but you seriously can’t treat one facet of a person without it affecting the other facets.



And for that reason, I call T-Tapp not just a mind-body workout, but a mind-SOUL-body workout!



I plan to share more specifics in the weeks to come, but if you have experienced help in your emotional or spiritual health through working out with T-Tapp, please share!





I head to Florida in a few days for trainer certifications–I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I hope to certify for TWO and MORE!






Workout Wednesday–Women’s Health

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

At the end of October my four oldest girls and I went up to Chicago to hear Teresa Tapp talk on women’s health.

You can read about our fun trip and see some pics on my girls’ blog:  Trick-or-Treating T-Tapp Style!


Since I am going to be sharing several moves she showed us, I need to keep the post at the T-Tapp forums, but you can click here to read the post.   She shared a lot of good things–many of which you can do throughout the day to get those pecs opened up and have better health in the chest and throughout the body.


I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this as women’s bre*st health is an important topic, and considering most of us are slouched forward throughout our day taking care of our families and homes, the exercises and tips Teresa shared will open up the pec area and help optimize lymphatic drainage–which leads to better health all around!





Friday I am hoping to have a video post on making homemade deodorant!   :)



And since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I wish you all a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Take time to express your thankfulness to God and to your family and friends.   We are incredibly blessed here in America!




Workout Wednesday–Bodily Exercise Profits a Little

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I had other plans for today’s post, but this morning during my quiet time, 1 Timothy 4:8 stood out:


For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.



The actual meaning of “profiteth little” means “somewhat” or “a little”.



It is so easy in our culture in this day, to get obsessed with looking good or thin or even being/getting/staying healthy to the detriment of our inner person.



If our motivation is fear, then we will feel driven.   And that is no fun!  (Besides, our Gentle Shepherd leads His sheep–He doesn’t drive them!  John 10:3-4)



Of course it is good stewardship of the marvelous creation called our body to eat real foods, take supplements to help us have the health to do what we’re called to do, and to exercise to help keep ourselves healthy and energetic as well.



But we can focus too much either way–out of fear or vanity spend way too much time, money and effort on the outer body, or, deciding that taking much time at all with the outward is total vanity and “we’re under grace” so we really don’t focus at all on good health, good food or exercise.


Both are “ditches”, as my pastor likes to call them!  And falling into either ditch is not making progress going down the road!



I remember very well how frustrated I was to be working out close to an hour every day, 4-6 days a week and losing nothing!  And I was exhausted an hour and a half later and needed a nap.  So much for exercising to get healthy and to get more energy!  :p



When I found T-Tapp and started getting results just doing the 15 minute Basic Workout Plus, it was like a big ray of sunshine on a gloomy day!



The second part of 1 Timothy 4:8 talks about how godliness profits in all things, giving us hope in this present life as well as in the life to come.



Well, if you are spending 1-2 hours exercising, then trying to fix healthy meals, researching supplements, etc., you might not have as much time to even think about that hope, let alone rest in it!



Don’t get me wrong–there is a time to research, and food allergies/sensitivities may necessitate extra cooking and time in food preparation.  I sure know about that!  :)  But when it becomes an obsession and we don’t have time for relationships–with the Lord, our husbands, our children, our friends or anyone else–all in the name of “getting healthy”, then something needs to be reevaluated.



This is one of many reasons I love T-Tapp!  I get much more out of 15 minutes of T-Tapp than I ever did out of an hour of light weights, core exercises and rebounding/jump roping!  AND I’m not exhausted 1 1/2 hours later, either! ;)



Remember–80% of my workouts have been shorter ones, either BWO+ or a variation, SATI, or TWO split over 3 days.


Since February, I have gotten an average of 1-2 classes in per week, and sometimes practicing moves on off days, but certainly not every day.  Oh, and in those classes we only do 4 reps!


In the past 8 months I have lost another 25 3/4 inches–this after 4 years of T-Tapp!  I lost 2 more sizes, and although yes, I did change my way of eating (we switched to the GAPS diet due to two of our daughters’ leaky gut issues), that did not build muscle or reshape me!  That came through T-Tapp–maximum activation and focus on form, but fewer workouts.


You don’t need to kill yourself with more more more–cut reps, split things up, kick out more—and focus on form–and you will get results as your body reconnects the brain to the muscles!


With the consistency of focus on proper form and going to your max, coupled with a balanced eating of good protein, good carbs and good fats, your body will release the fat and reshape, and best of all–get healthy!


I can’t imagine that I would have sustained working out an hour  a day for nearly 5 years.    I’m sure I probably would have majorly crashed my adrenals if I had tried to keep up with that!


T-Tapp is the perfect workout for busy mamas, delivering the most for your effort (but you must put forth the effort–no mindless movement here!).    Couple that with a balanced way of eating like Nourishing Traditions along with Schwarzbein’s principles, and you have a winning combination for good health and “a little profit” for the body!



And that leaves more time for what matters the most—













Workout Wednesday–What About You?

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

I’ve posted before how my inch loss/size loss was slower than I first had hoped it would be.   But consistency does add up, if you stick with it!



The problem comes when we give up too soon….



I have these three ladies who are my faithful few–they come to every class unless sick or something comes up, but they’ve been pretty faithful since March.
One of them told me last week, “I’m not going to call you Trisch anymore! I’m going to call you ‘Skinny Minnie’!”   LOL!



Monday night  she was asking how big my thighs used to be. I didn’t have the exact stats with me, but I remember thinking at one point, “My thighs are as big as my waist used to be!”



So I looked it up.



I have lost SEVEN inches off of EACH upper thigh!!!!



And to be honest–over 2 inches of each thigh’s loss has just been since February–after four years of T-Tapp!


What if I had given up after 1 year?



Or two?



Or three?



Or four?!



Remember Dantheman’s Proven Formula for Success with T-Tapp:

1. Proper Form (that is progressive–you do your best)
2. Isometric Contraction (really activate those muscles)
3. C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y!!!



I have not killed myself with longer workouts. I can only do TWO split up and right now I can’t do a workout every day (adrenal issues, I’m healing, but still being wise with it!).


Even if “all” you can do is a few moves, 4 reps each, but with your best form and tightening everything you’ve got, consistently:



It might not come for 4 3/4 years–



Are you willing to stick with it?



As Charlotte reminds us, where will you be in 4 3/4 years if you quit now?




Is it worth it to “keep on keeping on” when you don’t see the results you were hoping, as soon as you hoped to?




Is it worth it to keep going when “all” you see are health benefits?  Yeah, that’s nice, but are you pining for more loss on the tape measure/sizes/scales?  (Haven’t I convinced you to forget those things yet?! :P )





Is there any other exercise program out there that can rehab as you do it–even if it’s just a few moves a day?



Is there any other exercise program out there an adrenal fatigued mama of many could do–that would actually help her heal instead of tear her down?


I ask again–



Is it worth it?


What about you?



Are you willing to stick with it?



Because payday IS coming if you do!  :)




(And lest you think losing little bits at a time just isn’t worth it, you might want to read these posts from the T-Tapp forums:




Little Losses *DO* Add Up! )


Workout Wednesday–Accountability

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

I know I thought I’d have a “surprise” for you, and I hope to really soon–but as usual, things take longer than you think!  LOL!   I’ll give you a heads-up when I know it’s coming for sure!


One of the biggest keys to my success in T-Tapp has been accountability.


When I started T-Tapping, there were several ladies in my church who also T-Tapped, but I live over an hour away from most of them!


A few months after starting T-Tapp, I found the T-Tapp forums, and a little while after that, found Habit Formers on the forums, where you get a discount through the trainer who runs it to purchase T-Tapp products.  Good incentive!


Having a spot online where I could list my workouts was really nice–no losing your papers or forgetting to check them off!


I also had joined the 6 Weeks to a New You thread on the General Discussion forum.  It’s more chatty, but you can just state your goals and then check in.  If you don’t check in for a long period of time, someone will try to find you!  Donna, who heads up the thread, graciously sends anyone who asks a 6 week calender where you can keep track of your measurements and write in your workouts.  I write mine in pencil, then check off when I actually do them.


That really helps you see when the inches are slowing if maybe it’s just a time of healing and rebuilding, or if you’ve been doing way less in the workout department than you thought you were!


I really believe the forums have helped to stay consistent.   I highly suggest you join Habit Formers or at least one of the weekly accountability threads.   Even if you can’t check in every day or be chatty with everyone, just knowing others will be asking how you’re doing really helps!


Now you may have a dear friend or sister who is willing to be your accountability partner. Even if she doesn’t T-Tapp, you could ask her to check up on you.    She could even just ask if you are keeping up with your goals.


Let me say that it does help to have someone who understands the ideas behind T-Tapp–sometimes ladies have shared how their husband or a friend who is more “gym-minded” may not think they are doing enough.  I want to say again that I lost 9 sizes doing mostly shorter workouts, and although I did have some weeks of 6 workouts per week, that was not all the time.   I haven’t figured it up exactly, but my average is probably more 4-5 workouts per week.  And those were shorter ones–20 minutes or less!



Some of you are probably like two of my daughters, who love checking things off, so a nice check-off chart might be all you need to stay accountable! ;)


Others, like me, like to do that, too, but sometimes it’s not quite enough to make me go lace up my Skechers and push play!


With all the electronic gadgetry available, there are apps now you can download and use either on your phone or computer.  There’s the good old-fashioned small notebook you can keep in your purse or a prominent place.  Or you can keep your accountability sheets in a binder, like this:









I have different tabs for form tips, online classes I took, nutritional advice, and a whole section is all my former 6 Week calendars.  I know some people also print out success stories that inspire them and have a section for those as well.








I have another notebook I use now because I have my trainer info in there.  In the front pocket I have my before and after pictures beside each other.  I also have index cards in the back pocket for when I give an “Intro to T-Tapp” type talk.



It is also nice to reward yourself for your consistency!   Sometimes progress seems slow but you know you’ve been consistent.  Instead of rewarding inch loss, reward yourself for consistency.   It might be a new workout shirt, a new dvd, scented dead sea bath salts, some yummy body lotion–it doesn’t have to be expensive!


On the T-Tapp forums, some ladies shared how they put change in a jar when they work out, and when it’s full, they use it to purchase something as a reward.  That’s a great idea!  I call saving change my “painless savings plan”!


I’ve not put anything in the cover yet, but I might use this neat “Wordle” that trainer Kayla Howard came up with!


T-Tapp Wordle



Or you could frame that and put it in a prominent place so you will be inspired to work out!



Before I go today, I want to give you this link to Kayla’s blog where she demonstrates how to really get those ribs up–and not just during workouts!   Keeping ribs up throughout the day will help strengthen your muscles and then improve your form during workouts as well as help trim the tummy and keep those muscles activated.


Are you slouching?



Keep those ribs up and let me know if you have a system of accountability that is working for you!




T-Tapp Tuesday–Look Out Girls!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Sometimes, you just need a bit of inspiration.


You need to see that a “normal” person can make this work while balancing family life, homeschooling, cooking meals, taking care of parents—life!


Remember–I did 80% shorter workouts.  MORE, Basic Workout Plus (or variations), Step Away the Inches, or Total Workout split up.   15-25 minutes, with most of them 20 minutes or less.


I didn’t work out for hours a day, neither did I always do 6 workouts a week.  The first year or two I would work out 4-6 days per week–but I didn’t have a lot of 6 days-per-week times.  So an average is probably more 4-5.


And I had several times where I couldn’t work out due to either health issues (adrenals, miscarriage) or other “life” interruptions (my dad’s death, sick kids, mom’s death).  The longest period of time I couldn’t work out was actually a year ago after my mom unexpectedly passed away.  The first 7 weeks were maybe 1-2 workouts per week, then I had 7 weeks of no workouts at all.   Even for the next 3-4 months it was more sporadic than consistent.  Yes, I gained a few sizes back, but I stayed connected to the T-Tapp forums and I knew I was “coming back” when I could.


I’m not sure that I ever posted my “before picture” here:






That was me nearly 5 years ago.   I was attending a 16th birthday party of a friend’s daughter and they took pictures of each family that attended.



I hated that picture!



But without it, I would never have proof that I was a size 22W at one time.



Wearing mainly maternity clothes because nothing else would fit.



And having people ask me, 4 months post-partum, when my baby was due!  :(

(That’s where I was at in that picture–Isaiah was almost 4 months old!)



There were times when I didn’t “see” much change, even with inch loss.   Sometimes I’d lose a size but it didn’t seem to really change the way I looked (and I still had people asking me when my baby was due!)



But I could look at this picture, maybe take another and place them side-by-side, and I could see changes in the pictures that didn’t even seem to show on the tape measure.    Like when I realized how my forearms looked smaller.   Who measures their forearms?! ;)



I highly encourage you, no matter how much you hate it, to take pictures along the way.   At first you may not see much change, but then you may notice your posture is better.   Or maybe a slimming in your hips or arms…or forearms! :D



And then, one day, when you’ve lost 9 sizes, you can put a picture like this in your progress album:





That is my 18 year old daughter’s jumper!



Look out, Girls!   Mommy is about to raid your closets!  :lol:



As trainer Charlotte Siems says, time will go by whether you work out or not–you might not be at your goal size in a year, but if you don’t work out at all……you won’t be any closer, either.



Keep on keepin’ on--Keep On Tappin’!





T-Tapp Tuesday–Of Weeds and Exercise

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

What do weeds and exercise have in common?


Lately my husband and I have been reading some of Eliot Coleman’s books, and this was from “Four Season Harvest”:

Weeds probably discourage more potential gardeners than any

other single problem. “Oh, the garden was overgrown

with weeds and we finally gave up” is so common a statement that it

is almost considered a normal reaction. It doesn’t need to be that

way. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh, the living room finally

got so dirty that we just stopped using it”?  We don’t stop

enjoying the living room because of dust. We simply vacuum or

sweep every so often to keep the room clean. The same applies

in the garden.  Furthermore, just as dirt in the living room can

be minimized  by placing a mat outside the front door or asking

the people to remove their shoes before entering the house,

weeds in the garden can be prevented in a number of ways. All of

them make less work for the gardener.


How many times have you “let exercise go” or “let the new eating plan go” because you messed up or life happened?


I was part of a small challenge among some friends.  We’re all on an e-mail list together, homeschooling mamas who’ve known each other a long time.   Most of us had major things come up last month that kept us from “finishing” as well as we had hoped.  One had a major move and all that entailed.  Another had an unplanned surgery.  Yet another has major stress with what her husband is going through in his job right now.  I felt my adrenals weren’t quite up to snuff the second half of the month, so I had to back off.


Should we just throw in the towel and quit?  Let the “weeds” take over?




I think the biggest area we have to really watch those weeds is in our thoughts!


When life hits, don’t say “Well, I blew it again!  Might as well wait until next week/month to start!”


The way to overcome and make “lemonade” when life throws lemons at you is to say, “This month isn’t going as I planned, but I can do something! I can at least do 3 moves throughout the day and brush.”


Or “I might not get a whole workout in 3 days a week, but if I can get one in plus a few moves on the other days, I’ve accomplished something!”


As the old adage goes, “Something is better than nothing!”


It’s often good to have a back-up plan.  The past few weeks I got a modified PBS in (MORE style) and Organs in Place (OIP) some nights before bed.   Although I would have liked to do more moves on the days I didn’t teach classes, that was all I could handle.   As I’ve shared before, in preparing for my trainer certifications, I will mentally go through a move as if I’m teaching it, and I also have been reading Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes one move at a time, so I am still “working on it” even if I can’t actually do a move every day!


As in the “battle of the weeds”, nipping things early  helps.  Or Eliot Coleman’s example of a mat at the front door to help with dirt in the living room.


We can do the same with our mindset about T-Tapp:  what can you do to nip the “negative thoughts” in the bud?   What can you do to defray the temptation to just give in and do nothing because you couldn’t do everything you had planned?


Before I started training to be a trainer, MORE was my “go-to” workout. When I was in a funk and couldn’t decide–it was already decided for me!  If I was still balking due to a late night the night before, or because the day was getting away from me, I would tell myself, “You can do MORE Chair.  It’s only 10 minutes!”


At least I did something!


Think through your “contingency plan” and what are the bare bones basics you will do no matter what. For me it’s brushing (I take Sundays off), PBS in the morning and OIP before bed.   I also try to get in the Mitten Chop Box, but I don’t stress about it.  PBS is easy to remember because it helps me wake up and stretch out the nighttime kinks.  OIP is fairly easy to do before bed without too much thought–although there have been nights I was so dog-tired I just fell into bed! ;)


And lest you despair that just doing a few moves won’t yield any results…here again is Debbie Davidson’s powerful testimony of “just” doing a few Hoedowns throughout a stressful time in her life!


Share your thoughts in the comments–do you have a “go-to” plan?   A set of basics that get done no matter what?


I’d love to hear from you–and I’m sure others would benefit from it, too!



Be sure to stay tuned–I am hoping to have the “surprise” I mentioned a few weeks ago ready for next T-Tapp Tuesday!  :D


T-Tapp Tuesday–Being Patient While You Heal

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

This is a continuation of what I discussed last in last week’s post, so if you didn’t catch that, here it is: Give It Time.


If you are battling any metabolic issues (insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, etc.), your body is going to focus on healing, not making you look good.


If you can hang on and be patient, giving it time, you will heal and you will lose.  I firmly believe and am living proof of Dr. Diana Schwarzbein’s motto: “You have to eat well to build well and feel well, and you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight!” (Or inches, as I like to say! ;) )


Being on the forums kept me going when I questioned why I slowed down or stalled.  When I had a question about form and no trainer nearby, the forums were a click away.  People there are SO helpful and patient and kind!  Everyone there is committed to everyone else’s success–not their own or “getting something off of you”.  You don’t have to spend one single dime to get help!   Of course, trainers are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD when you do need to invest in their services, but sometimes you feel like you have to put so much money into something before you really get any benefits from it.  Not with T-Tapp!


I actually learned about Dr. Schwarzbein through T-Tapp!  I also learned through the forums about backing off workouts when I was struggling with adrenal fatigue and actually had a little crash.  No one was telling me to do more more more.   Yes, of course I wanted to see more size loss (I was a snug size 10 at that point), but I wanted to feel well and not have to take 2 naps a day, too!


I backed way off, then was able to build back up to a decent workout schedule of one longer and 2 shorter workouts per week.  And I continued losing!


Shortly after that my mom unexpectedly passed away, and I had to back way off.  For several weeks, I didn’t even do a Primary Back Stretch!  Very slowly and sporadically I worked back into a very light routine.  Then in February it was like  switch went on and I was able to tackle more.


I still have adrenal fatigue–but I am proof positive that if you give it time, you can do it! AND you don’t have to do long workouts every other day to get results–but you do have to be more patient.  Sure, I could have pushed myself to do Total Workout every other day (EOD), but I think I would have crashed my adrenals sooner.  In fact, that is how I did crash them–too many workouts and not enough food–especially protein.  BAD combo!


I do 2 workouts a week with my classes, sometimes 3, then I focus on only 1-2 moves the other days, and these past few weeks, I’ve even had to back off from that.  But I am more confident than ever that I will still be able to pass certifications–because even though I’m not always doing the moves, I am thinking them through, mentally teaching them.


You might not be training to be a trainer, but if you can’t handle working out every day, you can still do a mental check on form.  Or just read up on a move or watch it on one of the dvds.   Take notes on what stands out to you.  Just because you can’t do a Total Workout doesn’t mean you’re doomed to not lose!    Your body needs time to heal, and you need to give it that time or it will take it (and you’ll be flat on your back not able to do anything!)


I know we are all busy and want a quick fix–but we didn’t mess up our metabolism overnight, and it won’t heal overnight either.   Give it time, and you will be rewarded–not just with a smaller size, but a healthier, stronger body and more energy as well!


If you’re not seeing results, and you have any metabolic issues–and quite honestly, most of us do– try backing off.  Evaluate that you are eating enough (I never count calories), split up Total Workout over 2-3 days, take days off in between, take more water and kick-out breaks….and see if maybe slowing things down and giving it more time might not be your ticket to success!


Remember–we’re in this journey for the long haul–so take your time, lay a good foundation, and you won’t have to backtrack from a detour! ;)


Give your body the time it needs to heal—and you will be grateful later!


Happy Tappin’!



Workout Wednesday–Give It Time

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

You know how it is.


You see the advertising, buy the book, give it a good shot and….


…you don’t get the “promised” results.


Whether it’s a diet, vitamin, herb, a new health practice you add to your life, exercise….it seems “everybody else” got the fast, great results but you didn’t.


All things aside, let’s face it—probably not everyone got the results that quickly.  Some did, but not everyone!


Let’s tackle the book, Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes.  The cover “promises”:   “Lose 2 sizes in 4 weeks with the T-Tapp Workout”.


The bottom line is–it does, for some.


Not everyone!


(As an aside, Teresa did not pick the title of her book–few authors get that privilege!  Most are picked by the publisher–let’s face it, would you have bought a book titled “How to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out with Comprehensive Compound Muscle Activation”?! :o )


I guess I never felt “cheated” by the “promises” of the book, because I was losing something, even if it wasn’t 2 sizes in 4 weeks!  Before, I was knocking myself out with exercising an hour a day and feeling worse for it, and losing not a single inch/pound/size!


To lose anything–and only with 15 minutes a day (and that only 4-5 times a week!), was GREAT!


It took me 6 months to lose 4 sizes, and since I was a More-to-Lose at size 22W, it really didn’t show much except to my family and dearest friends.  I was still big in the areas I was big in before.  Just not as big! ;)


Another problem with writing a book or making a dvd, is new information comes out, or a syndrome  becomes more and more prevalent, and to update everything takes more money to revise it, plus it’s just plain impossible to address every single concern in one book or dvd.    Unless you don’t mind paying $50 for a 650 page tome!  (And by the time it gets published, MORE new info comes out!)


Instead, Teresa has graciously provided a free forum for discussion, for additional updates on form tweaks and new information.   Trainers often give their input (nearly every single day!) and you can learn a lot—for free.


You don’t even have to own the book to get a secret code to get on the forums–you can check it out there first before buying, as well as try the “Try Before You Buy” exercises listed at the T-Tapp website!


So, back to the “promises” made…..it took me 4 1/2 years to lose 9 sizes and get down to a size 6.  Not a toned 6 yet, mind you, but I am thrilled to be a size 6!


I’m even more thrilled, though, for what I’ve gained!


Health benefits.  Better sleep.  More balance to my hormones.  Stronger muscles.  Bone density.  Endurance.  And the list goes on.


Oh, and the BIGGEST loss I’ve had is a lump under my armpit!  It was probably 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Gone!


I’ll have more tips next week of what to do if you’re battling any of these issues or other health issues, including what I did over the months after my mom’s passing and I had to back off, plus what I’m doing now, as a trainer-in-training who is healing from adrenal fatigue!



Until next week–Happy Tappin’!   :)



(Psssst!   There’s a surprise coming!   Hopefully in 2-3 weeks, Lord willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise! ;) )



T-Tapp Tuesday–A “Back to School” Giveaway!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

As promised, I’m going to have a giveaway!


But, also as promised, you’re going to have to work for it! ;)


The prize is a natural bristle skin brush from T-Tapp!



Dry skin brushing is great for exfoliating, detoxing, eliminating cellulite, and tightening the skin–think of it as “exercise” for the skin!


Now, for the “back to school” part!


Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes is a…well...fabulous book! :)


It has the moves from Total Workout–Basic Workout part is in chapter 4 and the rest of Total is in chapter 5.


I’ll admit, it is difficult to get the continuity from the book, but it’s doable!  Once you have done the Instructionals from the dvds and then the workout for awhile, you can revisit the book, and the form tips will click even better for you!


I honestly think every T-Tapper should reread it once a year, at least!


What I am doing, as a trainer-in-training, is to read and study a move or two, then practice “teaching” it as if I have people in front of me–cueing, spotting, talking it, and doing it myself, with good form –or at least a good attempt at it!


By doing this, I am really cementing the tips and tweaks in my brain to help me with my teaching and with my own form.


For instance, over and over I see “keep your shoulders back”, or shoulders “back in alignment with your hips” (ribs up!), and in one spot, “Keeping shoulders back in alignment with your hips will maximize your body’s ability to lose inches.”


Like anything else the more you do it and read about it, the more it “sticks”!


Teresa has built in many moves to help eliminate excess lactic acid, which helps reduce muscle soreness post-workout.


Most moves also deliver body sculpting, inch loss, cardiac conditioning and help develop a stronger core.


Form is a progressive thing.  As you get stronger, you can provide more resistance, which is like adding weights–without the weights!  You will get max results even though you never have to increase reps!



Don’t be deceived—sometimes moves can be seemingly simple, yet the results are BIG from head to toe!!


The best thing?  Even on time-crunched days, you can do a quick Primary Back Stretch and then a few moves, kind of a mini-max workout, and still lose inches and fat.


Start “studying” in chapters 4 and 5, look for the words I italicized above, and discover how less is more with T-Tapp!



First one to post the answer— page number AND the move(s) I’m referencing—gets the brush!


Now that’s a sweet deal!  ;)