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Dialogues with God

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Another selection that really spoke to my heart this evening!



My Energizing Spirit


O My child, I will help thee, and that speedily.  I am nearer to thee than breathing.  I am more real than all they desires or thy fears.  Yea, My spirit is a quickening, life-giving Spirit.  The letter killeth–the law condemns, but I say unto thee, I come to forgive; I come to restore; I come to bless and to heal.  I come to be thy Light.


I My presence there is no darkness.  Have ye not read that in the Eternal City there is no need of candle, nor of the sun or moon, because the Lamb is the Light of it?  Surely if I can brighten all of Eternity, I have ample supply to flood thy heart and mind and thy body with My mighty power, My light, and My love–My deep joy and My energizing Spirit.  Have ye not read (Romans 8:11) that the self-same spirit that raised the body of Jesus up from the dead dwelleth in YOU to energize your mortal body through His indwelling Spirit?  Ye need not depend upon thine own limited strength and endurance.


My arm is not shortened that it cannot save.  I stand ready to support thee.  Yea, to thee I say, underneath are My everlasting arms.  They are not only powerful arms, but they are arms of love and tenderness.


When ye think of Me, disassociate thy thoughts from all that ye know of people, for I am Infinite,  Think of it!  In all My characteristics, I am not only far beyond all that ye could ever appropriate or need, but beyond all ye can even fancy.


Not in wildest imagination can ye guess the depths of My love.  By no mental gymnastics can ye compute My power.  Never mind!  Just give Me thy hand and I will give thee Myself.  Give Me every doubt, every fear, every heartache.  I am here to help.  I am here to carry thy load and minister to thy need.  I will not fail thee nor forsake thee.  I am thy God; be not afraid.




I pray that you will hear the voice of your Bridegroom calling and reassuring you, upholding you and strengthening you in His strength and love!



Saturday Psalm and Praise~~The Gift of Gifts

Saturday, February 13th, 2010




I want to share another selection from The Valley of Vision.



The Gift of Gifts


What shall I render to thee for the gift of gifts,

   thine own dear Son, begotten, not created,

   my Redeemer, proxy, surety, substitute,

   his self-emptying incomprehensible,

   his infinity of love beyond the heart’s grasp.

Herein is wonder of wonders:

     he came below to raise me above,

     was born like me that I might become like him.


Herein is love;

     when I cannot rise to him he draws near on wings of grace,

         to raise me to himself.


Herein is power;

     when Deity and humanity were infinitely apart

     he united them in indissoluble unity, the uncreated and the created.


Herein is wisdom;

     when I was undone, with no will to return to him,

        and no intellect to devise recovery,

    he came, God-incarnate, to save me to the uttermost,

        as man to die my death,

                       to shed satisfying blood on my behalf,

                       to work out a perfect righteousness for me.


O God, take me in spirit to the watchful shepherds,

    and enlarge my mind;

let me hear good tidings of great joy,

     and hearing, believe, rejoice, praise, adore,

     my conscience bathed in an ocean of repose,

     my eyes uplifted to a reconciled Father;

place me with ox, ass, camel, goat,

     to look with them upon my Redeemer’s face,

    and in him account myself delivered from sin;

let me with Simeon clasp the new-born child to my heart,

    embrace him with undying faith,

    exulting that he is mine and I am his.

In him thou hast given me so much that heaven can give no more.



Lost in His Love

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Been MIA again due to being sick last week.  



But we’re all doing better now!   If that is the worst we’ll have this winter, I can take it!  (Since last winter was whooping cough!!!!)



What do you think of when you hear of the Puritans?  Stuffy?  No life?  Boring?



Then you haven’t read the beautiful prayers in The Valley of Vision!!!



I found this treasure through Ann Voskamp, and put it on my Christmas list.  Anna got it for me, and I just last night got it out to start reading some of the prayers.



I read several!!!!



They are full of life, NOT boring, NOT stuffy, and full of an ardent love for our Savior!   Just beautiful!



Here is just a paragraph from the selection, "The Love of Jesus":


My heart melts at the love of Jesus,

     my brother, bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh,

     married to me, dead for me, risen for me;

He is mine and I am his,

     given to me as well as for me;

I am never so much mine as when I am his,

     or so much lost to myself until lost in him;

     then I find my true manhood.

But my love is frost and cold, ice and snow;

Let his love warm me,

                     lighten my burden,

                     be my heaven;

May it be more revealed to me in all its influences

    that my love to him may be more fervent and glowing;

Let the mighty tide of his everlasting love

   cover the rocks of my sin and care;

Then let my spirit float above those things

   which had else wrecked my life.

This one line really spoke to me last night:



….or so much lost to myself until lost in him;…..



How often do we try to "deny self" or "put self on the cross"…..all focused on the negative….


…when all I have to do is lose myself….



 in Him.


One Ambition

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010


I read this this evening and it really spoke to me, and to one of my daughters as well.  This is from Dialogues with God by Frances J. Roberts.



O My child,


          There is a place of quiet rest,

              Near to the heart of God.

          A place where sin cannot molest,

            Near to the heart of God.






Come, Come often.

       Come seeking.  Come needing.

Wait not until ye may bring Me a gift.

       Come because ye love Me.



Come knowing that I have loved thee first,

       even while ye were yet in trespasses and sins.

       Come asking no questions.

       Come speaking no words.


Come because I love you.

Come because I desire thy fellowship

          more than thou canst know.

       Ye seek to serve Me

      and fret because of thy limited service.




Can ye never learn the lesson I sought to teach Martha?

Can ye never be content to sit as Mary?

       Better thy feet were cut off

       than that they carry thee outside the circle of communion.




Ye consider the usefulness of thy life.

       Thou shouldst have but one ambition—

       to love Me and to be near Me.

       Let Me take care of all the rest.




Let Me arrange the pattern of thy life.

Let Me direct thy service,

       and it shall be not a service of dead works and self-effort,

       but an overflow of divine love.




This is My Father’s work.

       I do not require and have not requested thy work.

       Nay, but ye become a hindrance

             when ye set about to work for Me thus.




Set thy heart to be near Me.  Live close to My heart.

Look upon My face.

       I will satisfy thee completely.

       I will keep thee from anxiety.

       I will hearl all they diseases.

       I will cause My face to shine upon thee,

and thou shalt be glad.





May our one ambition today and every day be to love Him and be near Him!

He Who Fills this Frail Cup of Humanity

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

A few notes first–don’t forget the great bargain going on at Hands and Hearts!  This is only good until Friday (through Friday, I believe) and it benefits a family to be able to support themselves and  retain the flexibility the dad needs with Noah’s health challenges.



And if you’re playing the "Seven Sisters Trivia game", that link is HERE!






I have just recently found Frances Roberts.  According to what I’ve read, she has written since the late 60s.   I’ve been a Christian for 30 years and am still learning new things and new-to-me authors whose writings are incredibly rich and deep.



I had bought a devotional for a friend’s daughter for Christmas.   I had another one in mind, and then this one caught my eye–Come Away My Beloved.    This is a devotional that has selections from several of her books.  They truly are "one minute devotionals"–to read!    You will chew on their truths for the rest of the day, though!




I liked what I saw so well, that I bought myself one as well!  Only I bought the journal version (since I like to respond to what I read).    It has been so convicting–a gentle conviction that doesn’t make you feel like a total wretch, but a "How could I miss this because I love Him so?  because He loves ME so?" feeling.




 She has other books listed at Christianbook and they ALL look good!  I recently also bought Dialogues with God and the book Come Away My Beloved.  (There are other versions available.)



Today was my second day reading Dialogues with God.   It is written as if God is talking directly to you.  Sometimes it is a prayer from you to God.    I want to quote a little to give you a taste of this rich treasure!



Psalm of Praise



O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God.  How unsearchable are His mercies and His ways past finding out.


     For He found me in a waste-howling wilderness;

     He led me by His hand; He brought me out; yea,

     He hath brought me into a large place.

     He set His love upon me and

     caused His face to shine upon me.




     Yea, He hath come as a flood.

     With torrents of blessing He caused my heart to overflow.



Surely, in the daytime

     He hath been as an encompassing cloud,

and in the nighttime

     His Spirit hath illuminated the darkness as a fiery pillar.



Yea, in Thy presence darkness fleeth away,

     faith is swallowed up in sight,

     and doubt is dispelled as hoarfrost before sunlight.



     Heaven is Thy throne, and earth is Thy footstool,

yet hast Thou deigned to make Thine abode within

       tabernacles of clay!

This thought is too great for me, and how can my heart receive it?



That Thou are preparing heavenly mansions for my habitation,

     this my mind can understand.



But that Thou, the Almighty God

     who filleth and ordereth the vast universe of earth,

          and of heaven,

should stoop to fill my frail cup with Thy divine effulgence–

     this delights my soul,

     but my thoughts cannot grasp it.






Oh!  Yes, how incomprehensible that the Creator of the universe, the Sovereign Almighty God, should "stoop to fill my frail cup" with His divine splendor, brilliance, radiance……that He desires to make His habitation in the hearts of the vessels of clay He has made…..oh, it makes me realize the depth of His love!  The greatness of His sacrifice to restore fellowship with me, with you, with all of mankind who will heed His call!



Here are a few selections from the devotional "Come Away My Beloved":



Praise Transforms


In everything give thanks.  1 Thes. 5:18


Rejoice in Me always, for as you rejoice and give thanks, you release heaven’s treasures and shower upon your head the blessings of a delighted Father.  Nothing so thoroughly delights the Father’s heart as the praises of His children.


For praise inclines the heart toward gratitude, and gratitude nurtures contentment, and you may know for a certainty that no fruit ever appears on the tree of discontent.


So never cease in your praising, for in the midst of it I will manifest Myself.  Praise will transform the humblest dwelling to a hallowed haven.


(From On the Highroad of Surrender)



The Comfort of My Presence

For thou wilt light my candle:  the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness

….By my God have I leaped over a wall.  Psalm 18:28-29

More than all the comforts of the world, I want you to know the comfort of My presence.


Many dangers beset your path, but I shall keep you if you trust in Me.  Darkness presses you, and doubts arise, but the light of My Holy Spirit ever burns within your heart to cheer you and encourage you to go on, yes, to go on knowing surely I will bring you out.


(From On the Highroad of Surrender)



I am finding these books ministering deeply to my soul.



And if I may recommend one more…..    I found A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie through Ann Voskamp’s blog a few weeks ago and ordered it immediately—it has been well worth the money!   (You won’t find tons of shoes or purses or jewelry in my closet, but you WILL find MANY books, sometimes doubled up on my shelves!  Ah, those are my true treasures! )



From this morning’s selection:



"O thou to whom I owe the gift of this day’s life, give to me also, I beseech Thee, the spirit to use it as I ought.  Forbid that I should stain the brightness of the morning with any evil thought or darken the noontide with any shameful deed.  Let Thy Holy Spirit breathe into my heart today all pure and heavenly desires.  Let Thy truth inform my mind.  Let Thy justice and righteousness make a throne within me and rule my errant will.  Let Christ be formed in me, and let me learn of Him all lowliness of heart, all gentleness of bearing, all modesty of speech, all helpfulness of action, and promptness in the doing of my Father’s will."



I used to shy away from "prewritten prayers".    As if my spontaneous (read: sporadic!) prayers were more spiritual!


Truly we need to talk to our Father using our own words, yes, but there is nothing wrong with making the prayers of others our own.   When we find words to express what our heart can’t put into words, we can pray them back to Him.   This is what we do when we pray Scripture.  (Which I am also learning to do more and more of.)


A Christian of 30 years should be a seasoned pray-er, one would think.   But alas!   Our hectic and busy culture leaves little room for quietness of soul and stillness before God.  We are taught doctrine, theology, Bible study, memorization…….but true prayer, birthed in humility of soul seems to be less and less emphasized in our Western churches–we act as if we could make it on our own!   We pray at God, giving Him our "laundry list" of needs and wants, but rarely do we truly get His mind and heart about what we pray for, nor do we spend time just worshiping Him, basking in His presence He paid so dearly to give us. 




As I’ve said before, we wouldn’t have much of a relationship with our husbands (or anyone!) if it were reduced to a list of our needs and no time to just connect hearts.   Or just be together without words. 



I pray that as I share my journey to learn true prayer, you might be blessed and enriched.  



These books are a glorious start!




Won’t you spend some time just soaking in His presence today?




Loving Others

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

A season of quietness here…..my Father has been speaking to my heart in quiet ways.  



I have been asking a question……many times over my 30+ years of walking with Him, but really, truly, wanting to know…..



How do I pray?  I mean, really, truly, touch-the-heart-of-God pray?



He’s been answering.  Not a 1-2-3 and you’re done formula.  For God doesn’t work in formulas.



He works with hearts.  Humble, broken, yielded, trusting-in-Him-alone hearts.



Probably one of the biggest things we pray for and about is the salvation of the lost and getting along with hard-to-love people (both saved and not!)



I just want to share a few thoughts from Michael Catt’s book, The Power of Persistence.  



"William Law said, ‘There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him.’ "



"Again, there is nothing that will make us love the lost like praying for them.  We can’t reach out until we reach up.  When Isaiah saw the Lord, he was broken and burdened.  The only way we will keep a passionate heart for evangelism is if our eyes are fixed on the Lord, high and lifted up."



"I repeat again because it is so true:  there is nothing that will make us love people like praying for them.  Prayer is not conquering God’s reluctance; it’s laying hold of God’s willingness."



"We will impact the world with the gospel when we quit depending on programs, methods, and promotion.  The salvation of the lost is not even dependent on a well-organized missions organization.  The world is looking for people with integrity in their lives and love in their hearts.  They will know we are Christians (and will want to know why we are different) when we love one another."



Are you struggling with loving someone?  Are you discouraged about someone who seems closed to the Gospel?



Pray for them!  Pray from your heart and pray the Scriptures. 



I’ll be sharing more in the coming days of my journey…….



The Path of His Presence

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

What path am I walking?  


"Lowliness is a love of nothingness.  When we willfully give everything to Jesus, we are left with nothing.  God keeps taking away and taking away until the only thing we have left is God!"

~From "The Heart of the King" by Ron Auch


Some thoughts from "The Satisfied Heart" by Ruth Myers, from Day 9, "He Draws Me Near":



"Because you are a special treasure to God, He is working to draw you into a deeper love for Him–away from any idols in your life, away from rival interests, away from giving first place to His good gifts instead of to Him….


"Every hour since you first met Him, He has been pursuing you, seeking to draw you closer….as a bridegroom His bride.  He wants you near.



"And how does He draw us?


"I believe He grants all of us certain love-gifts that help us move closer to Him and know Him better.  Five of these stand out to me as foundational to our love relationships with Him.


"The first love-gift is His Word, where we find out most beautiful and comprehensive portrait of Him.  As we take time to read and listen, He keeps telling us there–from cover to cover and in a multitude of ways–not only that He loves us, but also how and why and how much."



"Another of God’s love-gifts–His basic provisions to help us know Him better–is His indwelling presence through the Holy Spirit.  As we feed on God’s Word, the Spirit empowers us to see and understand the Lord and His love.  He takes the truths about Jesus and makes them real to us in the core of our being, in the holy sanctuary deep within us.  As a result, our knowledge of the Lord is more intimate than our knowledge of anyone else…..The Spirit Himself fills our hearts with God’s love (Romans 5:5) so that it satisfies us and flows out to others."



"The third love-gift that helps usknow God and His love better is the body of Christ—other believers He places in our lives……no one is a perfect channel of God’s love.  But we can also see the Lord in one another if we want to.  We can choose to concentrate on Christ in them, making their strengths our major focus, rather than their flaws and failures.  As we behold Christ in one another, He draws us closer to Himself."



"The fourth basic provision, or love-gift, is simply the circumstances of daily life.  God wants to enrich us through knowing Him better and becoming more like Him.  To this end He arranges our days with the proper mixture of joys and trials, gains and losses, pleasure and pain.  He holds our lives in the hollow of His hand, and into that place of security He brings the blessings and troubles we need……"



"These love-gifts–God’s Word, His Spirit, other believers, and the circumstances He allows or sends—draw us closer to Him.  They help us stay on the path of obedience, which I think of as the fifth love-gift that helps us know God better. We can run through life with the Lord only when we choose His paths–the paths where He manifests His presence.  He won’t run with us on paths of disobedience.  It’s not that He’ll forsake us, even as the sun does not forsake the earth when night falls or when thick clouds roll in.  But if we aren’t walking in His ways, God’s presence won’t be real to us.  We won’t enjoy the privilege of prayer (another love-gift) the way He desires; we won’t know His warm, glad companionship."



"Running with God also includes running with perseverance the course marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1).  We’re running with One whose earthly race ended in a cross, and our own path includes the fellowship of His sufferings.  This includes doing the difficult tasks He sends our way.  I may fantasize that just around the corner life will become easy–just as soon as this or that particular commitment is over, this deadline met, this job done, and on and on.  But according to Luke 9:23, will the day come when I won’t have to deny myself to follow Him?


"Do I even want such a day to come?  My heart has been stirred by Phillips Brooks’ poem:



Be strong.

We are not here to play, to dream, to drift.

We have hard work to do, and loads to lift.

Shun not the struggle; face it.  ‘Tis God’s gift."


I have not always been on this path, where God makes His presence known.   He is always there.  I am not. 



It is my choice.



But only one choice leads to refreshment and enjoyment of Him.



O God, I have felt far from You–yet You are there.


It is me that has chosen not to walk the path where Your presence is manifested. 



Because that path hurts, Lord.  It hurts down deep.



Yet–it is the path of healing, because You are there.  You are the Great Physician of my soul.



I choose….I choose Your path, Your ways.


I choose….to dwell on You, Your loveliness, Your beauty, Your Truth….so that I can know You intimately–more intimately than anyone or anything else.  

(For what I meditate upon will determine how much and with what–or whom– I will become intimate.)



Draw me….near to Your side…into a deeper, more intimate love.



I love You, my Lord, my Heavenly Bridegroom~


And Lover of my soul.



Saturday Psalm and Praise~Draw Nigh Unto God

Saturday, October 31st, 2009




My back aches.    I’m so tired of this job.   Hauling these buckets of slop certainly isn’t "fun work"!





How did I get to this place, anyway?   Why did I think this was better?   Why did I leave my father’s presence?





The pigs rush to the trough as I pour in their meal of "garbage soup".    Shoving each other out of the way, trying to get it all for themselves……just like my life.





Seems when I thought everything was good, I was pushing and shoving others out of my way to get what I wanted.





Then it all changed.




It ALL changed.





Now *I* was the one being shoved out of the way.   No one had time for me.   No one wanted to help.   I was used up and cast aside like a broken toy.




I’m so hungry!  I haven’t had money for food for nearly a week.   I’ve squeaked by, but now……I’m so tired of the cold and the loneliness and the gnawing hunger…….




I start looking at the slop.   There’s some bread and gravy that doesn’t look too bad.    Maybe I can snatch it out before one of the pigs gets it……




WHAT AM I DOING?!  I stop myself short.




Slop!  Pig slop!   At home my father’s hired hands eat better than this!  Even in a famine, Father wouldn’t let them eat pig slop!



I’ve had enough!   I throw the slop bucket down and start for home.   No need to go back to my "room" and get what I have left.   It isn’t worth keeping.  



I have a long trek home.   Lots of time to think.   Thinking about how these pigs shoving each other around to get some morsel of slop……and it’s really garbage.    That’s what I’ve been doing.   I left the best, thinking it was restricting me, thinking my father really didn’t care, that he favored my older brother……so I come out here and squander my inheritance like I’m really somebody, only to find out like so many before, how easy it is to be used.   Especially when you think you’re so great!   Seems fools like me are the biggest fish for the savvy world to catch. 




And throw out the bones when they’re done.




Friends!  HA!   Hardly……




And me, shoving others out of my life.   Like my father…..my brother…….




What am I going to tell him?   "I’m sorry" seems a bit trite, considering how I’ve treated him!    All I can do is humble myself before him, beg him to take me as a hired hand since I am no longer fit to be called his son.   And pray my older brother will have mercy on me.  After all, when Father is gone, my brother will be the one I will depend upon for my daily sustenance.



I’ve worked slopping those hogs…..I’d rather do anything for my father….no matter how hard or menial or grubby the work, I’d do it for him.    I know I can’t earn anything from him, but just to show how wrong I was and how much I appreciate food and a place to stay….I’ll do anything he asks, and I sure don’t expect him to even talk to me.




Heart heavy.   Feet feel heavier.   I’m looking down, but even so, I can tell I’m getting closer.




There’s widow Susana’s home.   And there’s Simon bar Judah’s barley field.   Just a little farther…..




Past the stream where Jehoshua and I used to play.     Around the next bend…..wonder if he’ll be at the house or with the workers in the field?  



I finally bring myself to look up.




Total shock!  Could it be?!



Could it really be?!






I run in spite of myself!    It seems like he is running towards me, too!!!



But I remember where I’ve been, what I’ve done.   As I get to him, I fall to my knees.



"Father!  Father!  I am no more fit to be called your son!!!   Please take me as one of your hired men!  I’ll do any job, no matter how hard, no matter how menial, no—"


"SON!"  Father falls to his knees beside me and hugs me.



"No, NO, Father!  I’m sweaty and I smell of swine and slop and–"



He’s weeping!   Hugging my neck and weeping!



"My son!  My son!  My son who was lost is now FOUND!"



The hired workers all run to see what the commotion is about.  



"Quick!   Bring the robe and the ring!  Kill the fattened calf and make haste!  We are celebrating today!  My son was lost, but now he is HOME!" 



He takes the robe and puts it around my slop stained shoulders.  Shouldn’t I bathe first?  Purify myself?



He puts the ring on my finger again……I’m not worthy!  I sob!



"Son, from the day you left I never stopped believing you would come home again.  I have been preparing for this day all along!  I knew you would come back!   Come back to our time together!  You will always be my son!"



I weep upon his shoulder, trembling in his tender embrace.   I can’t bring back the inheritance I’ve squandered.   I can’t bring back the years I’ve wasted.



But I can start over this moment–this day!



He still loves me!  I’m still his son!



He was there, waiting, all along.




I didn’t need to get cleaned up first or prove myself.   I only needed to turn….



And go Home!!!!!



But now, because of my father’s love for me, I WILL get cleaned up and stay that way.  



What love!



I want to bask in that love for the rest of my days.   I never want to do anything that would bring him shame or break his heart again!



"Thank you, Father!  Oh, thank you!   It’s so good to be Home!"



He puts his arm around me as we head into the house for a joyful celebration…..



….a celebration of a love that has called me Home and caused me to long for my father’s relationship again.



I’m Home.   I’m HOME!






James 4:8     "Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you.  Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded."




How often do we get this backwards!   We think we have to "get cleaned up to take a bath"!!!




What is the first command?  "Draw nigh".   As we initiate that move towards (or back towards) our Abba Father, He draws near to us.   Actually, He was there all the time!   WE are the ones who moved away, and as we move back towards Him, we see that He is there waiting…..even running to meet us as did the Prodigal Son’s father!




THEN we cleanse our hands….our works, deeds, words…….and purify our hearts…….our motives, attitudes….




But really, even that is done by Him.   As we draw near, and see He is there with us, because we love Him so much, we WANT to purge away the dross.   Prune away the dead and diseased branches.   Cleanse our hands and hearts of all that is not pleasing to the Very One Who gave us life and sustains our life.




So again, it’s not about US.  It’s about HIM.   He loved us before the foundation of the world, had a plan, gave His only Son to fulfill that plan, redeemed us to Himself, paid the bride-price.




How can we want anything less than to please our Heavenly Father?   And our Heavenly Bridegroom and Lover of our souls?!




All that I do, I do because I love Him—not to earn His love or favor!




Even when I stray…..a little….. a lot…….even when I foolishly "charge God" because my heart is hurting….or lonely……or selfish…….



He doesn’t let me stay in the muck and mire.



He is patiently waiting to see just a hint……just the tiniest hint…….of turning…….




Then He’s there!    Ready to receive me, to hug me, to pick up our relationship.

That’s what it’s ALL about. 

Relationship with Him.

That’s why He died—to restore that Eden relationship He created mankind for.

Oh, won’t you come Home?!

Sometimes we actually stray, sometimes we stray in our minds.  Sometimes we check out and get out, sometimes we check out and "leave" even though we’re still physically here.



Either way, the Father waits. 



He longs.



He prepares.




He’s there!   Outstretched arms and a hug that says, "I knew you’d come back!  I’ve missed you! 




You don’t have to get cleaned up.




Just go Home.   Draw near and He is already near.  He’ll help you clean up and purify—but right now–



Let’s go to the celebration.






The Celebration of a Father’s Love.

It’s Easier to Talk Than to Pray

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

It’s easier to talk than to pray.  



It’s easier to talk, talk, talk to others about problems, situations, circumstances, crises, relationship issues, than it is to pray, pray, pray to the Only One Who can do anything about it all anyway.



And the more we talk, talk, talk about these things to others, the less we pray, pray, pray and the more we start thinking things depend on "us" doing this or that or saying this or that or fretting about this or that and making sure "we" do/say the right thing…..



All the while, the one thing we really could do, and it would be THE right thing…..we don’t do.



Because we’ve expended all that energy talking.



And maybe, just maybe, we’ve believed a lie that praying isn’t really going to solve the problem anyway.

What a tragedy–and what a lie!

It isn’t wrong to talk to others or pray with others…..but first we should talk to the Lord.  And realize that nothing "depends all on me".   Nothing.  He is in control.  I am His channel, His hands, feet and mouth on this earth.

But I have to be in communion with Him to see what HE would have me do or say. 

My heart should be full of Him.  Then my mouth will speak sweet words that have far more effect than my fretting, anxious heart could produce.  That would only produce fretting, anxious "it depends on me" words that only alienate.


Or pray.

It’s our choice.


But only one brings peace.  

Only one brings true resolutions.

What a privilege to be able to talk with THE King of Kings about anything and everything.

Will you exercise that privilege today?

Will you talk……or pray?

“A Place for God and God in Every Place”

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

That isn’t original with me.  But it really caught my eye…..and my heart.  I’ve been reading over at Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience.   The actual post where she shared this thought is "A Place for Everything".




And I found that as a link from another good post, which I highly recommend:  "How to Build a House of Prayer" (today’s post).




And I got the link to that (don’t you love it?!) from:  "Prayer: Why We Struggle (and How Not To) " Warning!  It is very convicting!  (But very, very needful and true!)




"Walk With Him Wednesday" is what she is calling this meme.




I’m going back to slowly soak in more.   Won’t you join me?




Won’t you make a place for God, in your life, your home, your day…….so that your life, your family, your home– your heart–becomes…….



"A place for God and God spilling into every place."